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5/31/2022 c31 SoSoLazy
Will Aqua learn her lessons?
5/30/2022 c21 SoSoLazy
5/30/2022 c8 1Plasma Dragon 312
Poor Darkness. Hope she gets better soon so she gets to join Kazuma.
5/30/2022 c46 9Dragon Man 180
Excellent humiliation conga for Aqua. Keep it up!
5/30/2022 c16 SoSoLazy
With no Aqua on scene the story became more adventurous and less comedy
5/30/2022 c46 Guest
Finally another chapter for this wonderful fanfiction!
5/30/2022 c46 Guest
thank you very much for the chapter.

the evil within me grins in satisfaction
5/30/2022 c46 2Qriiz
You really like bullying Aqua, aren't you? lol.
I wonder if she'll ever manage to pay those debts.
5/30/2022 c46 2BrazeRancor
I just get more and more sad at Aqua. Sure she brought it upon herself, over and over again. But compared to how happy they were as friends in Canon and how much they hate each other here, it's quite jarring. Excellent work!

Glad to see more of this.
5/30/2022 c46 Kalstorm99
nice chapter.
5/30/2022 c46 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the update.
I hope Megumin and Darkness will finally learn to listen to Kazuma when it comes to Aqua.
5/30/2022 c46 8Lucius Walker
Mm, loved this chapter. Expresses Aqua's stupidity and self-centered nature, which her cult picked up very well.

5/30/2022 c46 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
5/30/2022 c46 Acqua OfThe Back
Jajaja, gracias por el capĂ­tulo, amo a Aqua pero es muy divertido verla sufrir
5/30/2022 c46 12Victori
An update of my favorite konosuba story, today's a good day
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