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12/9/2022 c26 Genesis09
I saw that! LUPIN! Loved the name drop.
12/8/2022 c21 6Blade8821
I've always admired your work, and strove to become half as good a writer as LOTLOF, but by god, I don't know if I'll ever top the last line of this chapter. This is incredibly well-written, and 110% accurate to the source material while telling its own alternate story with some of the best dialogue I've yet seen. I just hope to see more of it before too long.
11/24/2022 c48 Warlocktoungue
So, pal I just need to know...
What's your plan for Kazuma and Darkness in this story?
Because for what I've read so far, those two may have a real thing going on there...
11/19/2022 c21 2TigerCat
*rolls around cackling*

Obviously Darkness was going to be real, but the end bit where she took up offensive skills... *giggle*
11/3/2022 c48 4Verdauga
10/29/2022 c21 ShadowLightning1
This is a really well written funny chapter. Everything from the set up to execution to pay off was perfect
10/27/2022 c48 Kaziklu Bey
when will be the chapter of the date with chris?
10/22/2022 c1 13Iron M. Writer
Kazuma is an ass at times but he is a good person in his heart. but this Kazuma is An asshole coated ass with ass filling
10/19/2022 c48 StelthStriker786
Hey, your story here has been pretty good so far, but I kind of read it before any other konosuba fanfic here. And now I hate Aqua. This is your fault XD. Can you maybe make her have SOME redeemable qualities? Please? For the sake of your readers enjoying other fics again?
10/10/2022 c5 6JManM
Ooooouuuu. He got Goblin Slayer'd.
10/1/2022 c1 1Drcaus
Isekai Quartet story
9/30/2022 c48 Baumbarth
This is really great comedy!
9/24/2022 c48 1Benthino
AH! The return of my favorite Konosuba story! What a glorious day!
9/22/2022 c48 Mol
This... would be a very Kazuma thing to do. Cheers!
9/20/2022 c47 Conan.212
Kazuma wants to kick Megumin out of the group?
Now its oficial: Hes an asshole.

I miss the justice in this story.
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