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9/20/2022 c48 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the omake.
That is clever.
9/20/2022 c23 Conan.212
It was funny that Mitsurugi use Darth Vaders Line from "The Empire strikes back".
9/20/2022 c48 YTshashmeera
Hah! That's such a Kazuma thing to do, easy money lol. I love it
9/19/2022 c48 2Mark the Mark
That is definitely something Kazuma would do! I love it!
9/19/2022 c17 Conan.212
Okay we see this version of Kazuma is more adult as the canon. Thats cool.
But Isn't Kazuma a bit hypocritical?

He says to Megumin "The ones wholl help you even when theres nothing in for them, theyre what makes life worth living."

But he left her behind when she cant paid 10.000 Eris.
9/19/2022 c15 Conan.212
Im glad that Megumin is now on board. And Im glad that she spat in Kazumas drink.
He deserves it.

I like Kazuma but he can also be an real asshole and acts sometimes like a spoiled brat.
9/19/2022 c48 1Adro-Sama
I can hear Kazuma saying Easy Money when he made the bet
9/18/2022 c48 AktheRuiner
Nice. It's almost too easy for Kazuma to troll people in this world lol
9/18/2022 c48 34Nanya
LOL All that for a bet! Excellent!
9/18/2022 c48 1CaptainKriss S5-SIERRA-117
Now megumin is making one of the 7 wonders of eris world or something
9/17/2022 c48 12Victori
Just a comment to tell the author how much I appreciate their writing this story
9/17/2022 c48 tank2u1wood
Amusing, looking forward to the next
9/17/2022 c48 2SpicyArbiter
Short but sweet
9/17/2022 c48 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
9/17/2022 c48 captaindickscratcher
Knowing Megumin's and Kazuma's luck she'll punch straight down into either a lair of a sleeping elder Dragon that's Aqua's long lost pet with abandonment issues or a nest of flesh eating monsters that happen to look like demonic clowns.
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