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for A Tale of Two Devils

10/18 c4 1Dia Grail
My gosh! Who is this Lucifer? It's nothing like the one in the series
8/28 c7 Hiba Samran
love it
can't wait for lucifer reaction to sabrina being his daughter
8/27 c7 FanBoy01
Sabrina needs help.
8/27 c7 Tania Spellman
She's in hell! Of course! OMG Lucifer saying Sabrina is the daughter he never has, makes my heart melt! I want these two to have a relationship, father and daughter! I can't wait for more!
8/27 c7 peachx89
Oh my god that cliffhanger. Great chapter
8/26 c7 5Helzingsg1rl
Noooooo! You can't do this to us you can't leave us on a cliffhanger! :-O
8/24 c3 5willdawg992003
ohhh too bad you didnt see the recent lucifer season cause lilith is mazikeen's mother
6/9 c6 Suzululu4moe
lucifer is gonna need some help once the truth gets out. good thing they have a therapist and a high level potions brewer at hand.
5/30 c6 reynardgautama
Great and interesting story
5/30 c6 Tania Spellman
I love it so much! Welp finally, Sabrina knows who is his father! And i hope they rescued her soon! I can't wait for the next chapter!
5/30 c6 peachx89
Great update
5/29 c6 Betty
"Did I mention that my father sent me to her parents to bless them to conceive her?"

But why?
4/8 c5 Suzululu4moe
the power from being a designer baby bride. good thing for Daddylucifer Lilith's powers are independent from him.
4/8 c4 Suzululu4moe
lol a serious hilda shutting sabrina up
4/6 c5 peachx89
Oh my god I’m super excited for the next update. Great work
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