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for Toy Story 4: But Different

11/4/2020 c10 23Pink ranger 13
It’s a great story and please continue this story
4/17/2020 c1 Guest
Dear Fan-Fic writers: Why ya'll forget Slinky? I set you all a challenge: Write a GOOD story about him, longer than 1000 words, with GOOD character progression, and it has to be interesting, not just 'Slinky played checkers with Woody, THE END'
To help you, here is a list of prompts:
1. Slinky Dog x OC, maybe just fluff, or perhaps a Yandere?
2. A Creepy-Pasta, maybe of Slink going insane, as he seems so lonely, and he went from Woody's Second-in-Command/BFF to just another toy, he must be depressed. Or maybe, just his laments? 'Slinky's Lament', I can see it now! I'd write it myself, but I can't.
3. Maybe a look into his POV of the Toy Story movies, or maybe just how he goes about his day?
4. A story on how he got acquainted with Woody, why Slinky has the unflagging faith in Woody the way he does.
5. Or just do what you want, GO NUTS!
To whoever takles this challenge, there is no prize besides my loyalty. THANK YOU!
3/19/2020 c9 2writingisrelaxing
Oh my god I love this fanfic so much. Literally better than the movie. There are so many things wrong about Toy Story 4 and this fanfic corrects all of them. The characters are on point, the pace of the story is perfect and the narrative is amazing I really love it! I hope you update soon! And I hope everythings going well, wherever you are
1/16/2020 c9 Diamant
This is so good! I really hope you choose to carry on with it because I’ve really been enjoying how you write this.
9/22/2019 c6 mar boschetto
9/8/2019 c6 13Sweet-Satura
Awesome take on what the sequel could have been! It's nice to see more of the other toys and especially Buzz and Jessie. Poor them really didn't get to shine in TS4. Keep on the good work!
7/28/2019 c4 rose2e
Oooo I cant wait for more it's so good
7/28/2019 c4 Alia
Oh god! I wanna cry...he is going to the second chance antique for buzz and jessie at first but now its clear...he is going there for bo peep...this is the story I wanted for toy story 4...it is totally amazing...perfect reason...led to a perfect ending...I beg you please...no matter how much time this story takes please! Please! Complete this...we all wait for months, maybe years just for an another chapter...no one pressure you on anything but this story matters pal...finish it. Stick to it because I personally not gonna give up on something so wonderful...I am sorry if somehow you feel bad about this comment. I never meant to hurt anyone feelings...its just a humble request, thats all.
So thank you for this story :)
7/25/2019 c3 rose2e
Ahhhh I love it cant wait for more
7/16/2019 c3 Guest
Will Forky be in this story?
7/15/2019 c3 mar boschetto
7/11/2019 c3 1IchirukiLullaby
oh my goodness i love this! i love jessie and buzz so much! i was so excited for new moments on toy story 4 and we didnt get any big onesbut thank god for this fic! i cant wait to read more!
7/11/2019 c3 13Impressionsguy
I appreciate you're giving Jessie and Buzz a bigger role in this , and touching on their relationship more. I found if 4 was lacking anything it was those two elements. Great work!
7/11/2019 c3 2WPN95
amazing job partner. I really wanna see this story as a movie...well please continue this story...this story is going to kill me some day...with suspense.
beautifully done
7/6/2019 c2 5babygirldolan
Ahhh! I love this story and how you included more detail into before Bo got sold than the movie did! Can’t wait for more

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