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for From the Freezer and into the Fire

10/3/2019 c7 1Arch Magos Belacaruius Cronus
Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the amazing work!
9/21/2019 c7 1Ilireanwri
hmm, this story is interesting so far. I like it. Will there be others from WH40k or is it just the 2 Guardmen?
And sorry to correct you, but the Orcs are MUCH older than you stated in this chapter: they were created by the Old Ones during their war with the C'Tan and the Necrons so the Orcs, like the Eldar, are upwards 60 Mio. years old...
I'm curious what you've planned for this story (and how the Guardsmen will react once they realize that Humanity and Aliens are not at war with each other...)
9/6/2019 c7 2Wom1
Only 3 issues I could find so far. The mattock is not a new weapon but rather a old but still serviceable one, based on the bar on top it might of been first made before humans had folding weapons. The lasgun was used since much earlier then M36 as it was available during the great crusade though the lascannon was invented slightly later on (yes, invented, not found). Finally Chakwas being so rude just doesn't feel very much in character especially mocking someone and dismissing them as insane.

Other then that this story is off to a great start with good grammar and a solid premise.
8/30/2019 c7 Lurking Reader
Liking where this is going so far. Still, add some sort of line break for tansutioning between the different point of views.
8/30/2019 c7 Guest
Recognizance to demolitions, rescue missions to assassination
8/30/2019 c7 Guest
How long was it for the Krork to devolve
8/30/2019 c7 Guest
so cool
8/28/2019 c6 Guest
8/28/2019 c6 25Touhoufanatic
A good setup for a first fic. You may want a proofreader though as some spots had bad grammer/sentance structure, and were missing words
8/28/2019 c6 8Species Unknown
Awww. Not as long as the previous ones. :c Still, amusing interactions. Judging from how Shepard is talking, I'm guessing he went to the Normandy 1 before getting any of his crew whatsoever. Which means fucking with Archangel is gonna be in line. :D
7/17/2019 c5 Guest
Completely justified xenophobia and fascist feudalism the Imperium is color and gender equality
7/17/2019 c5 Guest
7/17/2019 c4 Guest
They put wood, stone, and bone club and bare handed killing each other primitives with professional trained from birth troopers from a Forge World equipped with plasma weapons and utilising cameleoline cloaking and cybernetic augmentations, fighting alongside Feral World primitives who like draping themselves with noxious body paint and the bones of dead comrades, and prefer tomahawks and longbows over their lasguns

Death riders of Krieg motorcycle troops and horse cavalry fighting alongside giant robots

Orks primitive axes, clubs and boar-riding cavalry are regularly seen alongside laser guns and Humongous Mecha. The in-universe explanation is that their technology works by the Rule of Cool – if Orks believe something they've built will work, it will
7/17/2019 c5 Species Unknown
Hmm. Short chapters, but that does tend to mean faster updates. ;) Pretty good grammar, although there are a few spelling mistakes and missing words. I like.
7/12/2019 c4 Guest
so cool

more please
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