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for One True Love

1/2/2012 c16 15JDeppIsMyLovely
I really love your Story and REALLY think you should continue when you find the time :)
12/22/2011 c16 kcbq05
Please, please update! I would love to read more Dramione love! :"
11/26/2011 c16 2Jakumo1
Do you thin that you'll ever write more for this story? :-3
10/28/2011 c7 literally-lame
Griffendor - Gryffindor

Cool though!
10/5/2009 c16 sparkle16
when are you going to update next? Or is this discontinued? I certainly hope not! I've really enjoyed reading the story so far; I think the herbal essences idea is pretty cool and I'm hoping the two will realize they're each other's one true love soon.
8/13/2009 c1 5tootsiepop101
loved it! (my serch has ebded i've been looking for a good dramione story ,they are so hard to find, but i found one ::smiles::
8/10/2009 c1 1Sweetarts116

poor thing!

Loved it.
4/23/2009 c16 2the-clumsy-one
please update soon!
1/1/2009 c16 100000000010
hahaha this story is halerios!

its veryy good and i like that they dont actually like each other that its kinda grows

very very good=]]

please update
11/12/2008 c16 1iameverything
please add more...its really, really good!
9/17/2008 c16 Vas Happenin 1D13
are you done?
5/15/2008 c16 ajkldfs
okay well you definitely haven't updated in a million years!
2/25/2008 c16 1arapture
12/1/2007 c16 2patronsaintof
Are you planning on continuing this story? It looks like the last update was in 06, but I like this story! I'd love to see it finished...
7/8/2007 c16 1Erytha
omg update soon please! i really wanna knwo what happens and you havent updated in so long!
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