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for Sunshine and Sea Air - Volume 2: To Love and Be Loved

10/12 c14 MetalKyria
Thank you for this exiting chapter.
Thrilling as usual, can't wait for the next..
9/25 c14 66ScorplinginTraining
Lots of good parts to this chapter, as usual. But my favorite part by far? Paige taking charge and being the genius wrangler I’ve known and loved since season one. It did my heart good to read that. With honorable mention going to the part where Walter realizes he really really wants a little genius with Paige. *sigh* all is right in the Waige universe.
9/25 c14 Margaret Gautier
Good story update. Delivery, successful. Evidence gathered br Ralph and Sly.. Fears voiced by Happy, with Walter attempting to give Happy empathy and understanding, for her fear. Looking forward to solutions for vindication of charges against Katherine, and rescue of Happy and Walter. Is Paige pregnant?
9/24 c14 franxine bobo
very very good keep it up update faster please if at all possible if not go at your own pace.
9/24 c14 51pamz
Whoa, what a chapter. It has everything, intrigue, drama, childbirth, humor, soul-searching, angst. . . Love it all.

I wonder if the show had continued and Happy got pregnant if they would have had her being afraid of giving birth because that's how her mother died. You did a great job of expressing her very valid fears. Knowing the writers, they probably would have glossed over it (with like so many other things in the Quintis relationship) and focused on another love triangle drama with Walter and Paige.

Great chapter and definitely worth the wait. I love that everyone is posting new stuff this week (including me finally). The Scorpion fandom is still alive and kicking ass!
9/24 c14 martingriffiths1966
on the efficient birth of your new baby boy."

Best line ever. I can just imagine Walter saying this. More chapters please and Paige needs to take a test ?
9/24 c14 Marie
Great chapter Thank you
9/24 c14 3Lucy Conan
Great chapter! Love Midwife WalterPaige will have to out her foot down to quench his ideas of delivering his child personally.
Yes! Cabe and Katherine heading to Homeland HQ to kick some butts!
9/24 c14 GreenCat8304
Thanks so much for this chapter. I can't wait for the next one.
8/26 c13 66ScorplinginTraining
*waves* Still here! And very much here for this story too.

Wow. I feel sorry for Carrie. She's stuck in the middle of nowheresville with the two most emotionally inept people on the dream team. Poor kid.

The Walter/Happy relationship was one of my favorites on the show. They understand each other so well and are very much alike in a lot of ways. Plus, they're the two smartest people at Scorpion. Their dynamic is different from the others and I think you captured it perfectly here. I just hope you didn't let Happy talk Walter out of making a baby with Paige...? Of course, helping to deliver Carrie's kid might talk him out of it too!

Thanks for the fab update! Looking forward to more!
8/20 c13 GreenCat8304
What a cliff hanger! Thanks for the chapter!
8/20 c13 3Lucy Conan
Interesting chapter. Poor Carrie! I hope the baby will be alright
8/20 c13 heleenscorpion
Fantastic. Loved Happy's outburst towards Walter. This is an awesome chapter. Thank you
8/19 c13 Carol Ballinger Searls
So far they are safe. What if both Carrie and Happy go into labor ? Thank you for the update !
8/19 c13 51pamz
I love team conversations, especially when they're well written and spot on like the one at the beginning of this chapter.

And I love love love the conversation between Walter and Happy and their crappy childhoods. Theirs is such a great friendship dynamic and you've captured it here very well.

Then you just had to have Carrie go into labor. That should be fun. Can't wait to see what going to happen next, although I imagine a baby will be born in the next chapter or two. Thank you for the lovely update.
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