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for Angry Nasty People

4/9 c1 Smashing Sizzler
1. Well-written story, from starting a simple plot to making us readers realize what's actually going on without any hiccup.
2. I like how Vengeance, the author, kept the story dark but yet simple to understand with a good narrative.
3. Ash's innocence in the initial part while watching Angry Nasty People was gold, especially, the damn politicians use the word damn.
4. Ash and his mother's character was well portrayed, but I did feel the politicians and republicans' attitude while debating was over the top, it wouldn't have mattered even if they debated a bit differently.

Anyway, a great story, 9/10, a must read!
(PS : I got inspired from your stories and going to write my own as well!)
9/14/2019 c1 Guest
I really enjoyed reading this, i haven't read anything in months and this really intrigued me, I really recommend this to everyone that likes reading

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