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for Five Alphas, One Omega

8/20 c26 Guest
2/16 c26 4Lone Fire
Can't wait for the next chapter greyson needs to be delt with
12/11/2022 c26 Guest
Great chapter can't wait for the next one.
Greyson is a major downer I wonder when humphrey finds out the full truth if he will challenge greyson to a fight
11/12/2022 c26 Guest
Great chapter can't wait for the next one!
Definitely one of my favorite stories. Keep up the excellent work !
9/10/2022 c25 Timur Beg
So no polygamy law because all females become hyperactive, pregnancy craving rapists in this time? Man Grayson is such a spoilsport, I hope he has some secret admirer(s) who will jump him in the heat and have their way with him, a befitting punishment(?).
9/3/2022 c25 spider123
Pls update soon
8/12/2022 c25 Lone Fire
Great chapter can't wait for the next one 10\10
5/12/2022 c25 3TheGreatWolfGod1234
nice job Raven

I apologize for reading it late
3/13/2022 c24 ROB24DOG
Why the fuck does he have to ruin things? Tell me. TELL ME!
2/23/2022 c24 Timur Beg
Grayson watches the show but Girls run the cast. Hunphrey is just an Honorary actor
2/14/2022 c21 ROB24DOG
I thinking Humphrey gonna be walking with a limp tomorrow.
2/10/2022 c9 ROB24DOG
"We love you Humphrey" they all said at the same time, making Humphrey widened his eyes. He stumbled back, not believing what just happened. 'Did they? Did they just told me that they love me?' He asked in his mind, but this was too much for him. It was so much that Humphrey fainted dramatically.

Humphrey exe. has stopped working.
What do you want to do:
1)Wait of a response
2)End program
3)Reboot Unit
2/6/2022 c23 Timur Beg
Let me guess, Humphrey having visions of his previous life? As a potential omicron?
12/21/2021 c22 Timur Beg
Wow, oops! Tough luck for the girls. But I am really interested to hear about conversation between Humphrey and friends.

Ahh, Roselyn the rapist heh? But all of them raped him so no difference.
12/18/2021 c22 4Lone Fire
Great chapter can't wait to see if greyson is snitching on them
And Humphreys friends found him on the ground thats going to be a interesting conversation
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