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for Five Alphas, One Omega

10/8/2020 c12 VMAN ALPHA WOLF
plzz update soooon
9/27/2020 c12 spider123
When will the next one be?
8/15/2020 c12 Guest
This story is really interesting, quite funny to see all the girls
8/13/2020 c12 13UncountedWall
Why does this story keep showing up at the top of the thread, despite there being no new chapters?
6/20/2020 c1 1WTG Omega Fox
When is the next one please
5/10/2020 c11 alpha lover02
took me awhile to read this due to the fact that my internet is messing up but im glad i finally got to read this chapter.
5/8/2020 c11 VMAN ALPHA WOLF
As always great chapter cant wait till u update this story got me hooked
5/7/2020 c11 16Dawn walker wolf
He's gonna have one hell of a good time having sex with all of them, better not leave that
4/20/2020 c10 VMAN ALPHA WOLF
Great chapter man i really like your stories i just started reading this and it pretty good to man. Cant wait to see where this story goes u are a very talented writer cant wait for u to update soon
4/18/2020 c10 4Writer with a heart
Can't wait for the eleventh chapter when they finally get together!
This is a really interesting story, and I cannot wait for more!
4/9/2020 c9 will317265
Love it
Always perfect
3/29/2020 c8 spider123
Please update
2/18/2020 c8 3Troy Groomes
Excellent chapter my friend
2/16/2020 c8 Oleoneeye
I await your next update. I really enjoy this story
2/16/2020 c8 Godzilla The Monster Hunter
sweet, I thought you forgot about this story but I guess i was wrong good chapter even if was short still love it anyway keep up the good work dude and can't wait for next chapter for the call of the wild
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