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for Zabaniya: A Delusional Romance Between Assassin and Wizard

8/17/2019 c13 Darksilver Reaper
for tiamat's class i say shielder and her Noble phantasm absolute demonic front babylonia to keep in the thyme of shielders with fortresses as there Noble phantasm
8/17/2019 c13 9Dragon Man 180
Now I want to see Snape wake up with a hangover and Semiramis naked and snuggled up to him with evidence of a very nice night together scattered around the room. Then see if any students notice something off about Snape. I honestly think those two would be a wonderful couple to watch interact, especially if they were starting in a show on chemistry/potions and snarking at one another about various methods to make different potions. The standard wizard way, Snape’s personal style, and whatever Semiramis used in the past.

Well, at least Harry didn’t go into a flaming rage or start smashing everything. Hopefully Mordred can drag him off for some sparring and help him work off some steam.
8/17/2019 c13 1Pbc98
Good job astolfo, and semiramis? Fitting
8/17/2019 c12 WearyCurnudgeon
- Transformation
Was Harry's transformation effected by the fact that he has Counterparts within the Throne as well? (As pointed out the odds of a Child-Who-Lived not ending up there is remote, considering the "worship" tendencies of the Magical Enclaves.)

Or was it just purely the Wish itself that fuelled everything?

And if it's the former, how badly would Soul Resonance effect him, if one if his alternates were to be Summoned?

As it would at first glance appear, that it should be worse than the Shirou/Archer effect, as Shirou was still human, whereas Harry is closer to a Demiservant in nature.

- Short Story Drabbles:
Yes, chapter 239 is a HP/HoTD cross and SDA has done one before see "chapter 138: Magic of the Dead" in the "Short Story drabble" collection.

Same world setting, just focussed on GB and the revelation what caused the Zombie pandemic.

One where a 9 year old Harry is pretty much a bad ass zombie killing machine, because of the Dursley abuse. The latter also got bit and Harry terminated them without hesitation off screen
8/17/2019 c12 Skull Flame
- Harry could speak to Tiamat? And he was so close to convincing her too. I can see why that still haunts him.
- Fou really hates Merlin, and he expressess that even without being able to speak.
- Harry is a partially-manifested Heroic Spirit? Interesting. I wonder which, though.
8/17/2019 c3 9Harmonious Arkos Sloth
I really should have played more of the story before reading this, even if all it did was confirm my theories about Fou and Mash.

Anyway, an interesting start. I look forward to seeing where this goes.
8/16/2019 c12 1OBSERVER01
That reveal to harry wasnt just the other shoe dropping, it was a frigging bunker buster bomb!
8/16/2019 c12 Jostanos
Omake?: "Oh great.." Harry grouses "Just another way for beings to fuck with my life."
"HARRY!" those present with him gasped in surprise "TWO GALLEONS IN THE MONEY TIN!"
8/16/2019 c12 LoamyCoffee
Holy crap.
8/16/2019 c12 Bastion
Great storyline so far (as are many of your other works).

Not going to lie I am guilty of reading without reviewing on a number of occasions across a number of artists, but am trying to break that streak now. You are routinely one of the first 5 Fanfiction writers I am looking for when I come online over the last 2 months or so (no mean feat - my focus can change from hour to hour never mind a month).

I always find mental stimulation with your works, always interesting plots and curve-balls thrown into your works.

With the Tiamat idea it would certainly be interesting. Make no mistake I am NOT trying to dictate what you should write or where your muse should take you, I am merely mentioning to a more than pretty good writer of a character that does not seem to get much quality attention on this site - and happens to be part of a franchise you currently seem to have a focus on.

I know I will be waiting for your next release with anticipation.

May your muse never die.
8/16/2019 c12 A fan
What you are describing for Harry already exists, or at least something like it. This sounds like Musashi-chan, when we meet her in the trial quest and Shimosa.
I suggest finding a video of her trial quest (from her first summon on new years) on YouTube.
Or it might be described better on the nasu wiki, I'm not sure.
Still, I'm enjoying this so far.
8/16/2019 c12 T-B-R
Yer an Alien Harry'
8/16/2019 c12 3Reishin Amara
Fou is best mascot. Goetia is best villian. Kiara is best Thot. Kama is best head pats. Tiamat is best Hug.

I still say Olga Marie will likely be the final beast. The beast they have to save from herself. I mean, she was thrown into the system itself and it was basically stated she would be there forever waiting between life and death. And the OVA has shown us that she somehow is still aware of events going on.
8/16/2019 c12 37kyugan
Well it makes sense. If there was ever a Wizard destined for the Throne of Heroes, it was Harry James Potter. For crying out loud he was famous before he even knew he was a Wizard, most Heroic Spirits only become Famous after they Die, if they're lucky.
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