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for Zabaniya: A Delusional Romance Between Assassin and Wizard

12/14/2019 c21 4DrakefireAtomic
Good chapter.
About Extella, Drake may not have been in the first one but she was playable and part of the story in Extrlla Link. So she does know about Carl Rex and his shadow Charles as you did notice. But Archimedes was in link and had a similar thing going. The only difference was that he wasn't controlled by an alien.
12/14/2019 c21 1Jack54311
Definitely looking forward to the Noble Phantasm. Also his class. Good chapter.
12/5/2019 c20 Sunwolf27
Hmmm i wonder want happens if a Arrange marriage between harry and rin would be sit ups by their Grandparents that they never Where Aware of hmmm it just only make you wonder.
12/5/2019 c20 3Acolyte of the Blood Moon
Loved the little shading on Karl, makes him a bit less black-and-white. Also loved "Ziusudra" appearing in the ministry, favourite character in Babylonia right next to Onee-san Quetz :D
12/5/2019 c20 6bowser3000000
The Gorgon that is Voldemort's servant is the same one that was summoned by Kingu or is it Ana?
12/5/2019 c20 LoamyCoffee
Good interlude.
12/5/2019 c20 1Pbc98
So we see the servant that the fgo fanbase has been waiting years for... good thing that he is on dumbledore's side
12/5/2019 c20 Sonicdude8
MURAMASA WHEN?! Sorry, just had to get that off my chest, good chapter, looking forward to the next!
12/5/2019 c20 PasiveNox
Great great
12/4/2019 c20 1Jack54311
I wonder if Bones will ever realize just who it was who saved her? Her reaction will likely be fun to read lol. Nice chapter.
12/4/2019 c20 9Dragon Man 180
Fudge is drinking the special Kool-aid and it's rotting his already tiny mind. I can't wait to see how long he's a puppet before someone decides he's useless and kills him off.

I can't wait to see how things go for Chaldea and I hope Da Vinci doesn't have to pull out her back up plan.
12/4/2019 c20 3Reishin Amara
May finish agartha tommorrow, only took 3 days basically, but my goal is to finish the next map and Salem before christmas. And all the saint quartz I'll earn in the process will make getting Abigail SO easy.

Have to admit I'm curious to see how bad the situation can be FUDGEd.
11/30/2019 c19 1Jack54311
You know, you keep showing Semiramis. I really wonder what she'll end up doing now? Guess I'll have to wait and see. Hopefully Astolfo is okay.
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