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for Zabaniya: A Delusional Romance Between Assassin and Wizard

9/11/2019 c15 3Acolyte of the Blood Moon
Well, this was certainly unexpected. Poor Astolfo, and they are trying to brainwash him too. Wonder how that will go. Can you brainwash someone who is insane? Anyway, thanks for the chapter, it was a great read!
9/9/2019 c14 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
9/8/2019 c14 1Jack54311
Good chapter. Both Mary comforting Harry, as well as the scene with Da Vinci, were really well done, in my opinion. Looking forward to Harry's friends reacting to seeing King Hassan. That'll be great. Not really sure on just how this plot has become a mess, but I'll admit that I don't really have the full picture.
9/8/2019 c14 LoamyCoffee
Good to hear their thoughts.
9/8/2019 c14 Skull Flame
- King Hassan joined the team. This is getting really good now.
9/8/2019 c14 Jostanos
Q, please take your time. We may not always be a patient lot, but we.. will.. wait for the next chapter as long as necessary for you to get things together for it.

The same may also be said for your other stories, my friend. :)

Please continue when you may.

Matasuo: If Harry and Mary end up having kids.. would they poisonous magical assassins?
9/7/2019 c14 PasiveNox
hmmmmm nice
9/7/2019 c14 9Dragon Man 180
Oh man, you almost feel sorry for Moldywart with King Hassan getting involved with the ritual to end him. So would the combined Deathly Hollows affect King Hassan in any way since he seems to be a personification of Death?

Well, they could always use Astolfo to feed the enemy false information, I can see them telling him, "We're attacking from the North!" when they're really attacking from the South and telling him he was reading the map wrong to make sure he goes to the right place. Oh god, I just had a horrible awesome thought: Astolfo and Luna meeting... what terror would be unleashed?
9/7/2019 c14 10Leicontis
Am I the only one thinking that King Hassan is going to be less than amused by the Death Eaters' standard uniform?

Also, a tangled mess of a plot? Nasu would be proud...
9/7/2019 c14 reaperofthings2002
I would love if Tiamat were to appear. She is one of Harry’s biggest what ifs, and considering how much you throw her name around in relation to Harry, it would be awesome if he could have a second shot at bringing her mind back without those assholes stopping him last minute. And if she became a mother figure to Harry and Mary? Even better. She’s immune to Mary’s ability anyway, only having been killed canonically by King Hassan’s ability to impart the concept of death onto her so that’s one more person who can safely hug her. Anyway, can’t wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work
9/7/2019 c10 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
I'm guessing you got the idea for the family name of the Medeas from The Sandman character Thessaly.
9/6/2019 c2 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
Erm, if two years have passed, then wouldn't that make Harry 16?
8/25/2019 c13 10sondowth
I think you forgot about CG Emiya Alter.
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