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11/10 c8 Guest
Interesting! Can’t wait for more!
11/6 c8 aNameForNoEyes
cant wait
11/6 c8 LotusFury
I'm really into this story
10/20 c7 Amschew
This story is real good
Can't wait for the next update!
9/29 c7 Shon99
Didn’t earth king kuei...like...go on a journey with his bear after the drill incident? Idk if he got back tho
9/29 c3 Shon99
Is the ostrich horse the same one zuko had in Avatar?
9/28 c1 Shon99
Cabbage cart and inner sokka you got these right! I love this alr
9/22 c7 amschew
They finally mettttttt! Can't wait for the rest of the Gaang
Can't wait for the update! This story is rlly good
9/21 c4 amschew
Idk how many times I've posted reviews, but story is really good
Although the one thing I would change is maybe make the story go a bit faster? It's kinda going a bit too slow
I can't wait for BNHA characters to meet the gaang!
9/20 c1 amschew
only the first chapter, and IM HOOKED
HAHAHLMAOOOOO the letter that Toph asked the girl to wright sounds so like her
glad Toph isnt OOC here
Keep up the good work Author! (sorry i dont know how else to call you except "author")
I'm totally recommending this book to my friends!
9/12 c7 welp yeet I gues
Well I have no idea what's going on. I just finished the episode where toph gets introduced, I'm not ready fit all this! I'm also kinda dissapointed that only now is when they meet. I'm gonna lay of this fanfic until j figure out what the heck is happening. Also your English is great
9/5 c7 Weshney
That jump to Momo's point of view really screwed with me. XD Hahahaha. I was like, I thought Momo was a boy? Also, is Aang in Ba Sing Se too? This lemur is really thinking intricate thoughts...wait.. wait. WAIT! HAHAHA.
9/3 c7 Guest
9/2 c7 2Maelaeran
I'm gonna guess that whatever breach got the kids to the Avatar World in the first place also broke Vaatu out of his prison?
9/1 c7 LadySunami
Ooh, spirit shenanigans!

I wonder why the kiddos didn’t just make money replicas with Momo’s quirk. Afraid to ruin the local economy?

Iida’s engine legs giving them away his hilarious! Please don’t destroy them, Toph!
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