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seeing people say its an impressively well made book, i guess i should give this book a try. And maybe i could make a fanart for your book.
4/21 c9 GozukuTheLegendaryWarrior
Good story :D
3/7 c9 Don'tYouDareCallMeShort
Ooooooo this whole story is so interesting! I can't wait! :D
2/13 c9 Anon
Yay, so happy for the update! In regards to the authors note at the beginning, please don't go on Haitus T-T. I think a warning would do just fine or even references to parts where you should skip if you don't want to be spoiled. In regards to the chapter, loved the Bakugou perspective and the mountain imagery! It was so lovely to read! And can't wait for them to find out that zuko is firelord lol.
2/11 c9 KuramaUchiha7
Regarding the anime spoilers issue from the note; as much as I dislike spoilers, I'd dislike a hiatus even more. As you're aware, 99.9% of fanfics that go on hiatus, stay on hiatus. So yeah, I'll take some spoilers over this story being dropped into the bottomless pit of abandoned fics. Also, how many anime-only fanfic readers HAVEN'T had blackwhip spoiled already? I know I encountered it quite quickly, but maybe that's just me.

As for my thoughts on this chapter. The first half was kinda slow, with the dream-sequence from Izuku and the Bakugou portion. But that's the price to pay for some setup, can't have every chapter full of action.

Also, I've gotta agree with Sokka, I'd pay good money to see Shouto vs Zuko or Katara. Since I have some strong opinions on this I'm tempted to go into a mini-rant right now, but to spare both comment space and the sanity of anyone reading this I'll keep it short-ish.

I'm pretty sure Shouto could overwhelm any non-Sozin's comet boosted firebender with his ice alone, therefore I can't really see Zuko winning. 9.5/10 for Shouto, in my opinion it would take someone like Azula to even make it interesting, and that's mostly just because of lightning. Katara on the other hand is a more difficult match to call since she kinda hard-counters his ice. My best guess would be that she'd have little to no chance of outright melting the entirety of Shouto's giant-iceberg-of-doom attacks since waterbenders never really deal with anything on that scale in the series, to my knowledge, but she doesn't need to. Even if she where caught in the attack it would mean nothing since she could melt her way out quite easily. So yeah, if this was early Season 2 Shouto Katara wins 10/10 through a battle of attrition, but if he uses fire, well it can go either way. He seemed to have just as much raw power with his fire side as with his ice vs Midoriya, so I can see that being a problem for Katara.
2/11 c9 46Pen-Always-In-Hand
So glad you've updated this! I loved the Bakugou introspection actually, the the mountain metaphors for him, Shouto, and Deku were amazing!

Also, thank-you for taking the time to answer my question about the class' first-name basis.

Regarding your dilemma about when to set this: I think you should just set it whenever you want to and whenever works best for the story, but just warn people that there will be manga spoilers and leave it up to them. It may be disappointing for those who are anime-only and enjoy your work, but ultimately it's your work and up to you to decide what's best for your and your story.

Hope that helps. Looking forward to the next chapter!
2/11 c9 galaxyeyes946
great chapter thank you for your hard work
2/8 c1 galaxyeyes946
3 months since the last update... this is going to take a while isn't it
1/30 c2 10lightningblossom23
why did you have to include mineta in this story tho...
1/8 c8 galaxyeyes946
love this story
1/4 c8 Roberto Pelotudo
12/21/2020 c8 46Pen-Always-In-Hand
This is such an amazing story! A beautiful blend of both worlds and stories' mythos; I love the idea of the UA students having to blend in to the Avatar world (which I think works better than the other way around). I also love that it's the post-war life in AtLA you're exploring here, because that's chock full of really interesting things - GAang interactions, Zuko being reformed & struggling on the throne/politics, etc. - and the camaraderie between the Class 1 A students is great.

I can see why some people think the pacing is slow. And I do wish we had a little more clarity on the villain attack that sent the kids into Avatar. But overall I like the time you're taking to explore the different characters and Class 1 A's intel gathering and survival skills. (Tho I'm a little confused why they started calling each other their first names; if they wanted to blend in by having just one name, why not call each other by their surnames as they usually do?)

Overall, really great story! I'm looking forward to more!
11/10/2020 c8 Guest
Interesting! Can’t wait for more!
11/6/2020 c8 aNameForNoEyes
cant wait
11/6/2020 c8 LotusFury
I'm really into this story
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