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for The Rising of the Post-Apocalyptic Shield Hero

1/27 c24 2SouruTV
This was awesome
1/26 c6 SouruTV
Ya where sure everyone figured it out but I did not like at all come to that conclusion. Nice chapter
1/24 c24 Shadow55
Amazing chapter
1/23 c24 Shadow55
Please continue
1/23 c24 2pensuka
now this is sweet punishment for her plus it has a ironic twist she always disrespects demi humans and now she is one and being spanked like that is beautiful its all a sweet irony that is also poetic justice i feel it someone just combined birthdays and christmas together with this
1/23 c24 5Fir100
Now this, is a WAY better punishment for those two assholes. Take notes, Naofumi! Great chapter, btw.
12/3/2020 c23 2JGResidentEvil
Curious to know, are Arthur and Motoyasu gonna save the girl that was in Motoyasu's party that Malty sold as a sex slave for not agreeing with her?
11/30/2020 c23 1NotDariou
I'm kinda disappointed that you didn't bring up Kazuma from Konosuba but hey this was a spot on 10/10 chapter
11/30/2020 c23 Harlequin MC
11/29/2020 c23 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
11/29/2020 c23 rlotm
AHHH! THAT WAS SO COOL! It's sucks that you didn't add Seiya from Cautious Hero but I am happy that you added Shin from Wise Man's Grandchild.
11/28/2020 c5 rlotm
Oh no... I don't wanna assume this but... Is he imagining his sister? Like the main character from the game Little Hope? Spoiler alert for the game. Already loving this story. I like fics that there are others defending the Shield Hero. Even if it's not Naofumi.
11/16/2020 c22 2JGResidentEvil
New idea! Despite your variation of the three idiot heroes being better then canon, I suggest Arthur summoning Abridge Mr. Pop to oversee their future training! XD

And I'm being serious here.
11/6/2020 c22 1setokayba2n
Well, if there will no new chapter until January I can only say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
11/6/2020 c23 Guest
New chapters are taking a lot longer to appear on the website then normal, but the FF app still works okay to read it sooner. It might be that adding a temp additional chapter could help it to appear sooner-it's unclear whether or not that is helping, but expect it to take a few days either way.
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