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8/31/2021 c7 1BellaK26
I can't wait to read more.
12/23/2020 c6 BellaK26
I wish you would finish this I love this story
5/28/2020 c6 LuvFiction Xxxx
Very interesting! Please update soon! Xx
5/25/2020 c6 1flameheart274
This is one of my favourite fan fictions, please update!
2/19/2020 c6 7Fantasia Komix
Ah, yes, you have updated. This is going to be fun to read.
2/19/2020 c6 4I.D.'s Fantasy
Well, everyone knows now. Here's hoping they can fix it before Peter's finals XD.
Writer's block's a pain, but at least it's usually temporary. Keep up the great work!
1/8/2020 c5 Guest
what the hell why isnt this updated yet im going to kill myself!
8/4/2019 c5 I.D.'s Fantasy
10/10 :D
7/31/2019 c4 173Claude Amelia Song
Can I say I'm so freaking out I cannot predict anything? I'm enjoying it alright. It's a great and it's something I don't think I've thought before. I mean I thought the body switching but not this line yours going with. I mean I would have thought they'd go to school and stuff. Anyway this is awesome and I. cannot wait .chapter
7/31/2019 c4 6KaidenDragon
I'm enjoying this so far, I think Peter's doing a better impression of Tony than Tony's doing of Peter. Peter's probably super used to imitating his hero while Tony is used to just being Tony. :D. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more.
7/28/2019 c4 5Writer-at-Heart0
Friday locks down the whole Tower.
7/28/2019 c1 Riverway14
I love this!
7/28/2019 c4 4I.D.'s Fantasy
I had to do a bit of a double take during the conversation with the Avengers to figure out whether the body or mind was the person being referred to, but I got it eventually. XD
Great work! I think telling FRIDAY is certainly going to be helpful one way or another. It'll be interesting to see which person figures out what happened first. Keep up the great work! :D
7/23/2019 c3 5Tony Stark Rules
OMG I just love this
Please update
7/23/2019 c3 5Writer-at-Heart0
I absolutely love this! It's funny and entertaining. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
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