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for Cleaved: AFTERMATH

10/19 c1 1Dia Grail
I like your style
10/17 c2 Guest
10/11 c2 Engineer1869
I found this story and I hope to see it continues.

If Marco was created to be a stabilizing force to keep star from becoming the next solaria or festivia, doesn't that mean Marco's existence can be considered a failure because Star managed to screw up worse than Solaria and Festivia combined? Also Marco might want to stop acting like he has the moral high ground due to how much damage he and star did.
8/11 c2 137Toaneo07 Ver2.0
yeah, i like it
7/26 c2 3Bloodyninja88
Good to see this updated, i can agree with the Tupla explanation for Echo Creek, and now i wonder what will happen to Moon.

The whole bit where the medic was going over all of the opportunity's and woman Marco had passed up for Star really reminded me of a series of five page web comics that went over different alternate universes where Marco did choose differently and how he is rewarded for doing so. (i think the series is called"Marco's harem world's")
I honestly hope it is found out that the Blood Moon Curse is still active since it both is the only reasonable way to explain Star and Marco's (especially Marco's) stupider actions, and be a good way to do more to them. (helps that i still thing it was active at the end the the show)

You know when you think about it Star is really lucky that her destroying magic didn't compromise some of the SCP containment's, i mean can you image what trouble she would of been in if something like the deer had escaped, thankfully the ritual used to contain the deer was especially stated not to be magical.
6/17 c2 71ADdude
The chapter was okay. Just you didn't really add much. We know things are messed up, the Foundation is rubbing in Star's face how bad she screwed up, We have the foundation repeat that they only destroyed one source of magic and it will likely come back. We got all of that in the first chapter, you really didn't add anything that you didn't already set up in the first chapter.
They caught Moon and that was about it. And if they want to use her to stand punishment for the merge, then they could have just turned in Star and Marco. The same result really except they actually did it. Plus if you play it as Moon is going to take the blame to spare Star everyone knows Star is going to try to stop it even if mean revealing she did it. I mean, she's done that sort of stuff a lot of times.
You could show more of how to world is dealing with everything. Tom and Pony being other-dimensional beings could be having a tough time. How are Echo Creek dealing with it, finding out they weren't real? I mean, you tell us about a lot of the stuff that got messed up in the start of this chapter like the monster things. That would be interesting to see. Star had worked so hard to bring equality to monsters on Mewni but on Earth, they have to start over, and monsters fighting humans is making it worse. If you want to break Star you could show her reacting to that falling apart. Marco had a whole episode with the red ballon about wanting to move forwards and and making his own choices when it came to the blood moon. You're basically saying that didn't matter, you could have him doubting his choices or going nuts trying to figure out if what they are telling him is right.
You could show how SCP organizations are dealing with it. The Insurgency and the GOI could use this as a chance to take power or influence or members angry at the Merge. The Serpent's hand could play a role, some magic died they'd be upset about that. With Omni gone their way might be broken. How would Wondertainment react? MCD? Some anomalies running on the same magic might be gone? Maybe one of SCP-001 becomes active, the 36 trying to reset things, The factory, the sheets of paper going wild with more anomalies, The Scarlett King finding an opening into the universe.
You got two imaginative universes to run with, go for it. I believe you can.
6/17 c2 Guest
Why... WHY do you keep putting your tiny micro-dick fetishes in your fanfics? Just... why? No proper Christian does this kind of shit.
6/17 c2 Guest
You know what this reminds me of? The Eclipse of Marco update when.
6/16 c2 Chloe B
But why all these girls liked Marco?
6/16 c1 Guest
Weapons don't kill people. People kill people.
6/15 c2 7Starco4everr
Great chapter
6/15 c2 10ImperialStar
Finally somebody explain why the final just no work, is something glorious to know that I not the only one against the final of SVTFOE
6/15 c2 Gobert600
A micropenis for frame? ... I hope that it gets bigger because otherwise Star's future sexual life would be very unsatisfactory, thanks for the chapter I look forward to the next one.
6/14 c2 6ShinigamiPhantom
Marco's got a micro dick?
I never speak of my stuff ill again.
5/17 c1 Cosmic Mind89
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