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for The Serpent and Her Lion

3/25 c7 Toolazytologin
Don't know why, but I dislike angsty chapters. Not sure if its due to my age. Thankfully the angst wasn't too overbearing.

Find it somewhat amusing that Harry survived the horntail without getting torched but can't get through a CoMC class without being cooked.
3/8 c26 BlazeStryker
This... was the most mislabeled story I have ever read.
3/8 c24 BlazeStryker
3/8 c16 BlazeStryker

I forgave the outright mangling of Siorius advocating for the next Peter Pettigrew, but the POLICY is paramount.

All Headbastards Must DIE by the end of the story. I care not a tinker's damn why a Headbastard is a Headbastard, only that he is one.

By the way, this is Angst/Drama/Hurt as is. Adventure is more than just seeing how much the characters can suffer.
3/8 c2 BlazeStryker
Okay, that's not Sirius. That's not Sirius and if you insist it is I am DONE with this story.

Peter Pettigrew.

So that's NOT Sirius!
2/28 c7 Guest
what an absolute disappointment. The oc is just trash and the amount of forced 'drama' just make everything even worse
2/10 c1 Cliche
1/31 c17 Jaoheah
Forge not Feorge
12/4/2022 c27 Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90
Very good story, onto the next, thanks for writing it!
12/3/2022 c22 Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90
I really hate the fact you let Malfoy of the crimes he committed, he is nothing but a ferret who doesn’t deserve to live in your story any longer lol
12/2/2022 c4 Ltbutterfly287
Honestly your choice to bring the Americans into this just never really sat right with me, neither do I really care for making some stupid quidditch tournament between four schools. I always found the sport to be the least interesting thing in HP.
11/29/2022 c2 1professionalpotatowastaken
damn, Tori. an unfortunate nickname in the modern day
10/25/2022 c25 gdecon
So harry is just standing there with a wand watching Daphne get murdered . If that's suppose to create a 'KLIFFHANGER' , to say the least it doesn't work. Just makes Harry look inept
10/17/2022 c23 Guest
Any chance Daniel will stop treating Duffy like he's dog shit stuck to his shoe?
Any chance any character will realize that "cunt" isn't the only foul name to call people?
Any chance the entire female cast will realize that hitting and slapping people is abusive behavior?
10/17/2022 c20 Guest
Wow but Daphne is an over-controlling helicopter bitch. It's sad that the only curse word you seem to know is "cunt".
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