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for The Serpent and Her Lion

20h c27 Pinkypi
That moment when John is actually Sirius' son which is why his hair turned black.
1/18 c3 Pinkypi
oh dear god's Harry thinks she's a lesbian because duffy didn't let him finish xD
1/1 c13 1Fairy King Oberon
Honestly the whole "I don't make threats, I make promises" is a bit too cliche for me. I'm waiting for the day when I read something along the lines of "I don't make threats. They don't work on anyone who matters. I don't make promises. Nothing but a bunch of empty words. When I warn you, I make a statement of uncompromising fact."
1/1 c11 Fairy King Oberon
like setting water on fire huh? maybe we should introduce Ron to a little someone I like to call King Agamemnon
1/1 c11 Fairy King Oberon
Silencio makes the target unable to make a vocal sound. Muffiliato is the privacy charm.
1/1 c10 Fairy King Oberon
Wait, why does he have a brown beard, but blonde hair? is this supposed to imply he dyed one of them?
1/1 c10 Fairy King Oberon
little known fact. Daphne's present was actually a plastic necklace from Dollar General that was made to look impressive through magic
12/31/2020 c6 Fairy King Oberon
Ah, drinking songs! The most fun you'll ever have.
12/30/2020 c1 Pinklizsmom
I made it about 2/3 of the way through this. I gave up when the plot spiraled around and around high school drama... I’m no prude, but the cussing got excessive and I have always despised the “C” word. Made the whole story even more high school gutter. Sorry.
12/21/2020 c11 zhaodingman18
So I'm calling it now that Daniel is going to get away with what he did to John.
11/2/2020 c27 3Siddiqm2000
Great story
I enjoyed it immensely. I read parts of it last year but then I forgot about it and rediscovered it this week.
Thank you
10/13/2020 c6 JuleKiwi
9/28/2020 c3 samaritan17
I'm enjoying the story so far. One big grammatical problem that I have with the story is how many commas you use. You could easily remove half of them and you would be fine. There are many places where excess commas cause your sentences to be disjointed and hard to read.
9/23/2020 c1 yuieri5540
This fic is way better than the actual book that's how good it is and I'm not exaggerating. like I'm just gonna pretend this is canon
8/23/2020 c27 16Lerris
Overall this was good. This is not quite a favorite, but the fact that I read it to the end is notable, and remain somewhat interested in the series. So I suppose, to be fair, it is probably better than 80%. The comments that I made in the previous review still seem fit. Ron got a bit of a bad deal. He was horrible in this series, but he didn't deserve 10 years when he was potioned. One thing that sticks out in this story is relatively little sticks out. Daphne doesn't seem to be particularly good at anything, other than obviously academically close to Hermione. None of the others seem to have notable magic or skills. Some are decent quidditch players, but that was more a plot item than anything else. It almost felt that the cursing and such was perhaps a bit of a substitute for more character development. Also, as far as development goes, well the American's joining in just made your task harder.

One other thing that stuck out was that Daphne's parent's were friend with Harry's. That seems to be an oddly common thing in fanfiction. Finally, at some point in your previous author's notes you comment on reviewers being rude, and I agree that is very unfortunate. It takes a lot of effort to write this much and is certainly an achievement to be proud of.
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