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for The Serpent and Her Lion

3/12 c17 Guest
Writer can't spell character names or spells but can spell the word count, which he uses profusely.
3/12 c8 Monica
The real Jon Snow my ass. More like a fat pimply 20 something virgin still living in his mommy's basement. There's no way a man, if you can call yourself that, throws around the word c##t like you do and has a woman. I'm done with this story and a little boy like you.
3/11 c12 Guest
It's Barnabas Cuffe you stupid cunt
3/11 c10 Guest
You're a cunt
3/11 c10 Guest
What is up with you calling everyone cunts! Can't you mix it up bit? And that's a horrible word anyways you prick.
3/11 c3 Guest
Eh, Malfoy's a tossed. He can talk and that's about it
3/12 c26 tomascatts
Going to take a pass on the rest of this trilogy. Story wasn't awful, despite several characters names being misspelled, as well as spells. I don't mind swearing at all, but the writer throws around the word "cunt" like it's confetti at a ticker tape parade. Doesn't seem to know any other insults or just how offensive that word is to most people.
3/11 c11 tomascatts
There are always choices Dumbledore, you tell yourself you have no choice but to send Harry back to an abusive household because you want to. And it's not you that has to pay the price. And heaven forbid you get off your ass and do something about people like Krum, Snape, and Malfoy.
3/11 c9 tomascatts
Yeah when my little sister was 14 a 17 year old asked her to be his girlfriend. Of course her and her friends were all googly eyed about a freshman girl having a senior be interested in her. That lasted until me and our dad found out a few days later! Only one thing a guy like that wants and it's no good for the girl
3/11 c8 tomascatts
Yeah there's no humor like juvenile humor is there, especially when it comes out of adults mouths
3/11 c3 tomascatts
Yeah they hate America until they want some American money or America to bail them out of whatever mess they've gotten into..cough..two world wars...cough
1/3 c3 Soccerlove36
Love the story so far but I have to respectfully disagree with you on the women's soccer team for the USA. I'm not saying the men's team is better, but the women's team was beaten by a non-pro team of minor males, so that can't be THAT good. Unless you mean a prior women's team, in which case you can ignore this.
12/9/2021 c6 ffgandalf
Only complaint, it’s missing the last 2 verses
11/17/2021 c22 5Unslaadahsil
You know, this OC you put in the story is a bloody moron. Everything goes wrong every time he uses violence for anything, and yet he keeps using it.

At some point it stops being a character flaw/arc and just becomes a bloody child who needs to grow the hell up.
11/6/2021 c6 Guest
Nice choice with the Dubliners song. Though for Ilvermorny's school song, personally I'd have gone with Rob Zombie's American Witch.
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