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for The Serpent and Her Lion

4/21/2021 c3 1storp930
Really back to back world War champion lol
4/14/2021 c10 Guest
Your OCs suck. I like the story.
Yes this was in response to your author's note dont feed trolls. If your happy with it that's all that matters but people are allowed to have opinions and Duffy the super OC is the weakest part of the story.
4/14/2021 c1 Guest
Haven't finished the xhapter yet but i gotta ask, why even bother with an OC when there are so many named characters that we know nothing or little about who could be made to fill the same role? I hope this isn't a super OC.
3/21/2021 c8 1TheWaningMoon
So the swearing and drinking are fine but I don’t think I can continue reading what is essentially ‘Americans in school with a side of Americanised Harry Potter characters’
3/21/2021 c4 TheWaningMoon
The drinking is also accurate, it’s a massive culture in the uk it would be more OOC for a 15 year old to not drink and swear and even be sexually active. Not everyone is obviously like this but it’s a majority
3/21/2021 c3 TheWaningMoon
So far I like the story, a few too many americanisms for characters in the uk but the swearing is actually pretty accurate for people that age in school. My language was probably worse in school (and I went to an all girls school), the only time it’s ever toned down is that I don’t say cunt in-front of my mum lol
3/2/2021 c4 fantasyworldlover37
Great Chapter! Nice FRIENDS reference too
2/25/2021 c12 emsgraceful
I really enjoyed this story. It takes the normal Harry Potter story and puts a twist on it but I am with a bunch of other reviewers I find it hard to believe that 14-15 and drinking and cussing that much. Plus all of the physical abuse the girls seem to lay on their boy friends. I do think they have any reason to hit the boys. You don’t like the cussing cool tell them not hit them. Plus when Harry was is the hospital wing and injured and Daphne and Hermione hit him that is just cruel and abusive to me. I can’t read this story anymore because of that. Stop romancing partner abuse!
2/15/2021 c27 9YDdraigGoch94
Snape sort of just...disappeared. Did I miss something?
1/23/2021 c26 odonnellzoo99
I find your characterizations to be very strange. On the one hand, these 14 and 15-year-olds swear, drink, and brawl like veteran hooligans. On the other hand, they are constantly blushing in embarrassment when teased. So they either have absolutely no shame or hyper sensitive shame depending on the situation. It made some of the characters that I wanted to like very difficult to do so. It wasn't an OC issue. I like OCs. I think AUs with good OCs are more enjoy reads than fics that just change canon characters into completely different people. Similar to why Haphne stories are fun. We know nothing about many of the non-Malfoy-groupie-Slytherins from canon, so Daphne, Tracey, Blaise, Astoria, etc are a blank canvas. They are similar to OCs except for fanon contamination that true OCs don't have.
Anyway, I enjoyed the main plot of the story, the Quidditch tournament with the US school, Krum as a villain, the way the task 1 & 2 went, the curveball on how the ritual happened. That was all good by me. I just found myself too often indifferent about characters that I wanted to care about.
I'll keep an eye on part 2. If you complete it, I'll probably read it. I appreciate your creative story ideas, but I don't have any interest in putting up with foul mouth alcoholic teenagers unless I know that the story is already done when I start.
I'm rarely negative in a review, but I just felt the need for honest feedback, because I really liked some aspects about this story so much that the over the top profanity and young-teen power drinking was so unnecessary and jarring. Apparently I cared more about the story itself than the characters in it.
1/18/2021 c27 1Pinkypi
That moment when John is actually Sirius' son which is why his hair turned black.
1/18/2021 c3 Pinkypi
oh dear god's Harry thinks she's a lesbian because duffy didn't let him finish xD
1/1/2021 c13 1Fairy King Oberon
Honestly the whole "I don't make threats, I make promises" is a bit too cliche for me. I'm waiting for the day when I read something along the lines of "I don't make threats. They don't work on anyone who matters. I don't make promises. Nothing but a bunch of empty words. When I warn you, I make a statement of uncompromising fact."
1/1/2021 c11 Fairy King Oberon
like setting water on fire huh? maybe we should introduce Ron to a little someone I like to call King Agamemnon
1/1/2021 c11 Fairy King Oberon
Silencio makes the target unable to make a vocal sound. Muffiliato is the privacy charm.
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