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for Harry Potter and The Blood-Soaked Succession

9/9 c18 3grovepjp
9/9 c17 grovepjp
8/31 c18 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and enjoyed it a lot.
8/27 c16 JohnMonty
Great chapter! Was wondering when this fanfic would be getting A new chapter, it's been to long. For A seventeen-year-old that has his muggle aunts lungs inside him and needs an oxygen mask to help him breathe, he sure handled himself pretty damn well, clearing out what would've been hundreds of Acromantula. After all these years the numbers of them would surely be around A thousand, give or take A couple of hundred. How is A Harry who's body is dying this strong? Is he in the same class-range as Voldy and Dumbledore? He must be, it did say in that damn prophecy he is the dark lords equal, but he shouldn't be at there level yet without performing some seriously questionable rituals. I guess with him being 17 he would be due A magic boost due to magical maturity and that the number 17 might be A powerful Arithmancy number or something. Something to think about I guess. Will Harry be making his own body at some point like Voldemort did? He would definitely need to, being magically powerful, even very much so like Harry seems to be, that would only take him so far. He needs A new body, one that needs to be enhanced beyond human enduring levels to stand A chance against Voldemort. Was A little surprised he killed those Aurors in the forbidden forest (not sure myself why though oddly enough) but it was nice touch. I imagine Harry has misplaced his I-give-A-shit card after his best friends deaths and the Ministry decided to bend-over to Voldy instead of taking A stand. Having read all of this in ages so it's not all fresh in my mind. What is though is Harry fighting of that Alchemy-created monster and that treasonous bint Tonks, helping Yaxley try to murder Harry. Hope Harry gets his revenge in thoroughly shagging Tonks or killing the sexy little traitor lol! Any idea's when Harry will have his round 2 with the Flamel's monster? The highway fight-scene was awesome, there has to be A round-two! Maybe in the middle of London that would have the two tare shit up in that swanky expensive as hell department store Harrods? Seeing Harry fight the monster there and animating A bunch of sword and battle-axe wielding mannequin's to fight it and blowing the Statute of Secrecy wide open would be fucking awesome! Something to think about! Looking forward to reading more of this fanfic! Update soon!
8/27 c16 3grovepjp
8/26 c16 Guest
Absolute banger of a story I like how you changed it
8/22 c1 Leo73838
Imagine charging 100$ for 2000 words. Bro is on scam time. It's scamming time. Scam across the multiverse. Scamman. The con artist. I'ma bout to do a pro scamming move. Bro truly is a scammer of all time. Good scam bro
7/14 c6 Ppsh
Really good story so far, I especially like the interesting twists you've introduced with these alchemical horrors and the revelation about the Flamels.
That said, if I could offer an observation / criticism; the characters that Harry is summoning sound authentic in so far as their mannerisms and dialogue, but something feels very off to me in regards to the fact that none of them seem to have any problems whatsoever with what Harry is doing. None of them question his motivations, express concern for him, plead for him to somehow turn back, etc. I felt as if you were going to address this the very first time he summoned them, and Lily flinched back from the horror he had inflicted upon himself, but then you just glazed right over it, skipped whatever conversation might have taken place, and never really resolved it at all. I mean, these are his parents, his best friends, his mentors, the people who loved him most in life and in death. And yet not a single one of them has even a word of caution or concern for him? It feels incongruous. And I say this with the greatest respect as I know writing so many characters is no easy task.
7/14 c1 Ppsh
Very good beginning! I'm intrigued.
7/14 c15 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I can’t wait to read the next chapter. I really enjoyed the chapter and appreciated it a lot.
6/29 c13 Yaw6113
Great chapter I can’t wait to read the next chapter. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
6/27 c11 Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much I really enjoyed it and appreciated it a lot.
6/26 c10 xeesus
I don't really remember much about this story before the rewrite, but I thought it was okay, good to pass time while I'm waiting on others to update. But now it's absolutely amazing! No idea what changed, but I'm on the edge of my proverbial seat waiting for next chapters!
6/22 c9
So he's only mostly dead...
6/21 c9 Yaw6113
You wrote another Great chapter. Thank you very much for writing it and posting it so promptly. I really appreciate it and enjoyed it a lot
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