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for Eb-cell effect

7/24/2019 c3 Guest
from the first sentence to the last...they are all almost entirely unreadable. i think THERE IS A COOL IDEA SOMEWHERE DEEEEP in this story...but after having to rearrange and change literally every word...well then i wasn't reading a story i was writing it for you!
7/23/2019 c5 Pteaset
Good update
7/23/2019 c5 Icelord
"Hierarchy carrier: turians approach"

this is the 5th line of the story and its already VERY wrong inless your going to 100% rewrite everything in mass effect

no race in mass effect used Carriers all used dreadnoughts with a max size in the area of 1km because it became far less efficient for ships larger then that because of how much element zero it took for the drive core to work

this does not mean things cant be bigger but it takes WAY more to make then work at that size

that being said the nearest thing the Hierarchy would of had to a carrier is there dreadnoughts since they would of had a few wings of fighters but your talking 4-5 at the high end and more likely 2-3 fighters in the mass effect universe are ground support craft not anti cap ship atleast for the main races

honestly that's where most FF comes from is people making humans eather find another FTL so they can have biger ships or have carriers

you have to understand the other races are not like us in the mass effect they don't live in worlds with large bodys of water like we do other then the hanar and they have a all water world
7/9/2019 c2 Guest
Where is the story? There’s no story here.
7/9/2019 c2 Pteaset
I like it

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