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for So Close to Magic

8/4 c76 4Mercymadness
I’m so SAD that this is the last chapter. I don’t know how I reached the end so quickly. Waiting on the edge of my seat for the next update
7/29 c76 Catherine.alice
Please update soon I’m desperate for more chapters
5/26 c76 13Princess Aziza
YES SIRIUS GETS A TRIAL! I'm kinda worried for Winona just cause people don't know how to keep their damn hands to themselves, but as long as she's with the twins or Kingsley and Tonks she won't have to break anyone's nose.

Can I make a request for Winona to flatten Umbridge when she finds out about the Muggleborn trials?
4/22 c76 Guest
looking forward to the next chapters, i enjoyed reading your fanfic
4/21 c22 Guest
considering how often she meets with Dumbledore for tiny issues its very weird for her not to go there ad soon as possible when she had the most vile vision ever. Doesnt make sense to me tbh.
4/21 c18 Guest
the MC is such a doormat. So far her ability has been really useless in all kinds of ways. The twins were slightly interesting but the focus on that has been a little too much. The MC is always lying to herself and just drifting through the plotline. I hope something happens where she actually has some impact in the next few chapters
4/21 c76 whfgwiwjsjc
Ok but this is hands down the best fanfic I've ever read. The characterisation is PERFECT, the OCs are AMAZING and INTERESTING, the pacing and comedy is ON POINT. On my seat. Loved every chapter.
3/4 c75 bryanjames
I miss this story.
1/25 c76 gabriellecarisi
this story literally fills the empty void in my heart
1/22 c76 1TenebrisSagittarius
i cant absolutely BELIEVE i didnt leave a review/comment on this last chapter the first time around; had to reread the whole thing and check my review history kajsdfg im so terribly sorry

i so enjoyed rereading this, close to magic became one of my fav fics right away; winona is a very real and tangible character, you know this because when a character annoys you is because they human LOL

there were stuff i found odd, but i guess if it's not worth to be commented about again during the story i suppose it doesnt matter (i had various examples but only have one at the top of my head... my bad)

i hope youre doing well, i havent checked your socials to see whats up but just hope you do
happy belated new year! i wish you good health and new beginnings.

hope to see you soon! winona is finally out of hogwarts and into the fire
take care now! see ya!
1/20 c76 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
A really exciting chapter.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/11 c41 Guest
I feel like you did Angelina's character a disservice. It wasn't as extreme as some other fics I've read but you've got a habit of cheapening her characterization in order to make Winona appear better (it makes her come across as a Mary Sue). And for Angelina to not blame Winona at all for her part in this is rather odd but to each their own ️
1/5 c76 inkyvlaudy
What a cliffhanger! I hope you're doing well, take care!
1/4 c73 inkyvlaudy
I wasn't sure of what you were going to do up until the very end
1/4 c71 inkyvlaudy
This chapter is a masterpiece
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