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6/3 c3 Allison
Your other stories are interesting, this one is just tedious for me.
5/31 c17 Guest
With the the Maravillosa City Saga wrapping up, some changes to the campaign's status quo arrive with Luan's character joining the group consisting of most of the Loud Sisters, Luna's character giving the group a "Horn of Summoning" (opening up the possibility of her return at a later time) and hints about Leni's character & Lynn's character joining the campaign are provided. Likewise, the lore of the campaign is expanded upon with information about other species, races, tribes and what have you.

Lucy, the twins & Lily are more open about embracing the spirit of participating in the campaign while Leni is looking forward to having her chance to participate and Lori continues to be at war with herself over embracing said spirit or not.

The shout out to Gal Pals was a fun nod though I am confused if this takes place in the same universe as Gal Pals or not since certain details don't line up (such as Arturo's situation in the Gal Pals Universe being closer to his canon situation compared to this universe). While I understand the preference to Sully's "fan name" of "George", I still think it would be wise to find a way to acknowledge his real name of Sully in some way for the sake of avoiding confusion.

Overall, this was an enjoyable "breather chapter" and I am curious to see what the next big saga of the campaign will be.
5/29 c17 2Mr. Haziq
It actually makes the most sense for Lucy to like DnD, after Lincoln of course. Being able to cast dark spells, possibly be a vampire and maybe serve a dark god. What WOULDN'T she like about that?

Even if she didn't care for the game, she should still care about damaging the items since she'd be forced to pay to replace or fix them. I know I'd demand for compensation. That stuff ain't free.

Normal is a lie. Being odd IS normal. If person is absolutely normal, then they are odd in their normalcy.

It's the Gal Pals! Yeah!
5/27 c17 jster1983
You never know what will happen in those stories I guess. Anyone could turn on anyone at any time for any reason.
5/28 c17 8DreadedCandiru2
With their rivals making the scene, going bonkers is going to happen, giving geekiness a chance or not.
4/7 c16 Guest
It looks like the Maravillosa City Saga of the campaign is now finished (or at least, close to being finished) now that Count Fastred has lost the Scrying Gem and his life at the hands of another villain (I presume this is the main villain of the campaign).

The chapter also gave Joey a chance to shine via his "campaign character", Zok, who reminds me a bit of Slithe from ThunderCats.

Just as Lincoln pointed out, more of his sisters are continuing to warm up to the campaign, even Lori is despite her attempts to still resist.

Now that the Maravillosa City Saga has wrapped up, I wonder what the next major location within the campaign's world will be covered.
3/27 c16 jster1983
Who is the mystery strange that took out Huggins' character I wonder?
3/27 c16 DreadedCandiru2
Yes...they are getting invested. That does seem to be the point.
2/1 c4 18tsl3161991
I don't want to be that guy, but you probably should've done more research about Dungeons and Dragons because I noticed a few errors in this chapter, mostly about character names. Tabaxi have tribal sounding names based around nature and astrology (e.g. "Dancing Leaf", "Shadow of Star") while Kenku names come from the sounds they mimic (e.g. "Hammer Crash", "Dog Bark"), So Ursa and Ezra wouldn't be typical Tabaxi names and Shadow wouldn't be a typical Kenku name, though I guess technically anything goes if the DM allows it. Also, the race that Leni chose aren't called genies, they're called Genasi.
1/8 c15 Guest
The previous chapter's cliffhanger is resolved with Count Fastred just suspecting that one of the citizens' pets stumbled into his home; although Count Fastred considers the possibility of someone trying to steal the Scrying Gem, he eventually decides that isn't the case. It has also been revealed that Count Fastred holds prejudice attitudes and answers to another (presumably, the one who gave him the Scrying Gem).

Sam (and her "campaign character", Lyra Golden-Mane, by extension) receive a bit of spotlight in this chapter as she joins the questing Loud Sisters' group in shopping around Maravillosa City's market while seeing the citizens' prepare for the Maravillosa City's 12th Year Anniversary. The shopping also shows Lucy's clever side by having her "campaign character" buy a a tome with information on the Bloodstone Keep.

So far, Lynn remains resistant about warming up to the campaign and she even hopes Lana will stop warming up to the campaign if her "campaign character" dies, leading to several others calling her out for saying that. I wouldn't be surprised if Lynn is one of (or even) the last of the Loud Sisters to warm up to the campaign.
1/6 c15 jster1983
Like a video game. Nice way to put it.
1/7 c15 2Mr. Haziq
Well, not necessarily. Depending on the DM, that dead character could be talking to a god or something. My favourite is reusing the dead character as an enemy against the party later.

Also, did Lana receive two or three hit points damage? You swapped there.
1/6 c15 8DreadedCandiru2
The problem is that Luna still might not realize that he is playing a part..
9/28/2020 c1 9Claircrystal
It is not the sisters duty to meddle in a relatives business just because its their brother
9/22/2020 c14 2Mr. Haziq
So Fastred has bloodhounds or something?
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