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10/17 c47 Steven Club
Really sweet chapter dude. Yakito definitely needed a break and I love how he spend his 1st day on his break for this one.

Although I don't think it will last long because of the last part of the chapter, I hope something bad doesn't happen to his parents based on the brothers talking. This is not a good news to hear :(
10/16 c47 Fear Game
That was a really good family chapter. Yakito definitely needed a break from all the craziness that he had to go through with the teacher's betrayal being the last straw for him. I like the family and his brother comforted him over that school incident and him begging them not to talk about it anymore. It was really emotional for me. And I also like the race between Yakito and his brother, Ryoko. Such strong brotherly relationship I haven't seen since the Rotary Brothers from Initial D. Keep it up man and looking forward to the next chapter ;)
10/15 c47 David Long
Such a cute family chapter Definitely a break Yakito needed.
10/14 c47 Earnest Evans
He really needed that much needed break. Good job :)
10/13 c47 Sonic and Shadow Fan Forever
That is some family fun. Yakito might need to tune his Supra a bit more if he wanted to stand a chance against Ryoko's one.
10/13 c47 50acosta perez jose ramiro
As always, very good job.

Keep the good writing.
10/9 c46 Anime Lover
That 'teacher' deserved it. She was crazy.
10/8 c46 Guest
Very sad :(
10/8 c46 Fear Game
Damn. This is one of the saddest chapters from this story. It really sucks to see Yakito being acting like that and what he had to tell in the court. The teacher's history was sad too but that does not justify as to what she did to the others and how she indirectly will cause harm to the others. It was nice for the principal though to give Yakito a new Math book so that he can move on from her and toss the old one out. Looking forward to the next arc :)
10/6 c46 Steven Club
Well that was sad. She even had her own issues to deal with but that doesn't give her the excuse for what she has done. I think the punishment was well worth even though I know that Japan still has that death penalty law. It would take a while for some of the boys to get through this and the graduate students will definitely be heartbroken to hear about this.
10/6 c46 Sonic and Shadow Fan Forever
Aw man that sucks! But what she did had it coming for her! Locked out forever! Hope our boys can get through this.
10/3 c46 Earnest Evans
Now that's sad. The school's reputation went down and thr student's confidence has taken a hit but still at least she won't go out murdering someone again.
10/1 c46 David Long
Oh Man. I feel so bad for Yakito but it's the best solution for now since she will be locked in jail forever.
10/1 c46 acosta perez jose ramiro
As always, great job here.

Keep the good writing
9/27 c45 Fear Game
Man I know how he feels. You love someone and then suddenly when they see their true colours, their hearts are broken but I didn't really expect for Zen to fall so much into depression. Guess he really did love her after all and all the wait has been for nothing huh? Even Yakito seemed really pissed as well. I really hope that both of them can get through this.
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