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8/12/2019 c1 30Natalie Rushman
The ending of this was spectacular X)

There's a sortof weird dreamy quality to a lot of the prose you used here, and I really like that. It reads like one of those crystallized moments where you feel like you can see everything. So little actually *happened*, but at the same time, everything happened. It's a weird kind of balance, but you captured it really well.

The ending was perfect actually. You spent the whole fic spinning out these moments like a bubble, then poked it with a stick X) It made me laugh, and made the previous moments more weighty, somehow. Nicely done.
7/31/2019 c1 29fanofthisfiction
What a complicated relationship these two have as brothers who are so very different yet tied together by the same family. One wonders what Loki thinks of the situation now. Thanks for sharing!

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