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12/29/2022 c19 Guest
So is “The Truth” going to come out soon?
12/8/2022 c19 nomad
Soooo when's the ETA of the next margin of time for the next chapter?
11/29/2022 c19 Dup
I honestly am really excited to see more! But I do wonder, will the story end after the radiance or will it end at a different point, like in one of the later volumes?
10/26/2022 c19 Guest
Fanfic dosesnt get enough credit. Hope you resume!
10/27/2022 c16 Freedmoon
Kinda like how every knights and others who knew it are somewhat disapointed that the Hollow Knight is so rusty, afterrall he is the child created by the actions of 3 Higher entity being the King the Queen and the Void which works on its own, and he has been trained all of its life for the purpose of Fighting a vengeful Radiance if not in the realm of the living then in his dream, only to have a losing match against everything its own size or experienced warriors. And thats understandable the Hollow knight in his boss fight relied on the Radiances infection to fight you far more than his skills as warrior as the fight continued.
By any means should he be as strong as his prime he could fight against Grimm and nearly win, hell in fact since this is Dream Hallownest theres likely a solution linked with the Dream Nail to force the Pure Vessel out to kick ass.
10/27/2022 c19 naufalrakha0104
Interesting plot.. Poor Vessel thought
10/27/2022 c7 Freedmoon
so as of chapter 7:
-Ren ended up fighting the Nosk since in spite of big orphan sadness he is level-headed, but alone fleeing is better idea, he ended up toward the Mantis lords which endd up seeing him as worthy.
-Yang got the Blessing of Grimm, whereas Ruby is most likely 'blessed' by Radiance due to her luminous eye and her Dream. Weiss is th holder of the dreamnail
9/28/2022 c19 JaDe In NighT
Finally getting some answers and it looks like Weiss realized what they used as a seal , or at least she started to.
9/21/2022 c19 NullProxy
I'm so glad to see this continue, I'm excited to see where it goes, even with slow updates!
9/18/2022 c19 Guest
Great chapter! I'm really liking the sound of the next one...

Looks like I'll have to reread this whole thing yet again.
9/16/2022 c19 Eiyno Wraeil
Finally the wait is over! You did not disappoint in the chapter. You nailed the Root's introduction, cant wait for how RWBY will react to the creation of the vessels.
9/14/2022 c19 Brian.H.H
Nice to see another chapter! I’ve always liked Ogrim and Hegemol. I especially loved your depiction of the White Defender, Loyal Ogrim. I found the fan song of his by Man on the Internet on YouTube a few weeks ago and it makes me love home even more.

Speaking of Ogrim, quick question though. I don’t have a particular opinion on it, but I know that some in the community ship him and Isma, or have them as best friends. I mean I like either but I don’t really have a strong opinion. So I was just wondering if you were giving them any kind of dynamic in this story?
I mean he guarded the entry to her grave so I would like to think there was a dynamic, but as to what it was I don’t know.

Anyway, another great chapter, keep up the good work! And I’ll see you next time!
9/12/2022 c19 nomad
9/13/2022 c19 KatLas1991
Yay! New Chapter
9/13/2022 c19 12Kiue Jin
I think Weiss and possibly Blake are putting together the pieces of the mystery of the Vessels. They're still missing a key parts, but enough of the puzzle is on the board to guess at the shape of things.
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