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8/5/2020 c1 4BbK2442
Okay, I really like this crossover you've written here. The whole story feels very much in-line with a Halo story, even right down to Aldrina being the sole witch survivor of her unit. I felt like I was reading one of the canon Halo books, but with witches in it.

My only one real complaint with it is the way Beckett died to that stealth Elite. It's been heavily implied in "Strike Witches" that shield generation is either instinctual, or the witches have been trained to the point where raising a shield in response to a threat is instinctual. Beckett really should've instinctually raised her shield in response to having an energy sword swung at her. Personally, I think a better route would've been to have the stealth Elite stab/slash Beckett with his energy sword while she was still confused about what she bumped into. It would've given no time for Beckett to raise her shield, while also keeping the Elite from looking like a fool who abandons his stealth for no reason.

Aside from that one issue though, I would really love to see this turned into a full length story. It'll be very interesting to see how space strikers and magitech weapons alter the nature of the H-C War in space, as well as Covenant reactions to magic in general since they themselves believe in divinity. Perhaps a cult might develop among the Covenant worshipping the witches as divine or semi-divine due to their powers?

I'm also eager to see what happened to the Neuroi. Were they all destroyed, or is there a Neuroi force still out there among the stars somewhere, gathering their strength for a renewed offensive against humanity even as the Covenant are glassing colony after colony. Perhaps it will turn into a 3-way melee a trois between the 3 factions?

Anyway, that's it from me. See you next time whenever you decide to continue this story. :)
7/13/2019 c1 6Blazblade
Ok, you have my attention with this story. Quick question though, are the Spartans still a thing and are they considered as valuable in fighting the Covenant as the Witches? Also, what about the Neuroi? Do they exist at all? If so, did humanity become more advanced or what?

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