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for What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

12/2/2020 c10 Sawnspenstar
Excellent plot. For the most part, it is well written. There are times when someone is talking, and you don’t useat the beginning or the end of what they are saying. Your paragraphs are a bit off as well when the speaker changes. Example: let’s say Shawn says, “I’ve heard it both ways.” And then Gus says, “No, you haven’t, Shawn!”
Those need to be in SEPARATE paragraphs, not the same. While these are errors that should be fixed, it’s not so bad that I didn’t read it. You did your best, and it was a great story! The only thing that bugged me was the timeline. It’s obvious this happens after the second Yin Yang episode but before the third. What annoyed me was that you referred to many episodes that happened way later on in the series; this was confusing at times.
There is also a lot of good in this story! As I said, the plot was great. I was always on my toes, not knowing what to expect next! I love that there was a Gus Henry moment where we get to see Henry being there for Gus! I love the support they gave each other.
We also got a Lassie Gus moment! You did a great job at this! You wrote last so uniquely in a way I have never seen! The best part is that it’s so Lassie! I could see him being there for Gus when Shawn couldn’t, and I could see him breaking the law to protect Gus! Dang! I can even see him reading the Princess Bride!
Speaking of Princess Bride, l love all the references to it. And the fact that we got to hear from D.P, who is also in the Princess Bride, is iconic! Loved it!

One thing I would have loved to see more of was Shules and father son moment between Shawn and Henry. I know they were in there, but I’m a sucker for seeing their relationship bloom!
7/18/2020 c10 Guest
Wow- that’s what I have to say...
I do have some minor criticism. An IV in the neck would be started in the jugular, not the carotid, and for paramedics in the field, they are way more likely to start an IO in a critically injured patient over going for an EJ. If you can’t successfully get the EJ, then you have a whole other set of issues, so they typically go IO.

Secondly, Lassiter was not reading the actual Princess Bride, but possibly a novel adaptation of the movie. The actual book does not start the same way as the movie and it has sharks instead of shrieking eels. Small note, and not really important to the story being told, just something I noticed.

I was also unsure of timeline on this. You mentioned that this took place after An Evening with Mr. Yang, but mentioned things that happened much later like Shawn’s appendectomy which was after Shawn and Juliet started dating. Also, what was Juliet doing to not visit Shawn? I don’t recall it actually being mentioned as to why she took so long to visit.

Now for things I loved- fleshing out McNabb. I love me some Nabby, and most see him as the overly naive halfwit who is waaay too nice. And making him be drugged and go evil... wow. Never would have seen that from McNab.

Even though I mentioned that I could tell that Lassie was not actually reading from The Princess Bride, I loved how you tied it into the story so well.

Which, that ties into the next thing I loved. Pierre Despereaux is amazing in so many ways and your using him in this story while also mentioning The Princess Bride just makes me gooey inside. Plus, the way he was utilized is so well thought out.

You have real talent. Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.
6/7/2020 c10 FearlessShawn
This ending is perfect for what these two poor boys went through. I love Pierre's involvement and Gus always by Shawn's side.

Thank you for writing this wonderful story. It is a gift to all of us Psychos during these uncertain times.

I hope you are well and safe and being treated excellent too. And I very much look forward to your upcoming epilogue. :)
6/6/2020 c10 citylily
Aww that was great! So happy to see everything all set in place for Buzz, Francine and the little girl cat. Despereaux truly is awesome.

And great last line, I heard it on Yang's haunting whisper like how the show had the "most admirable foe".

You really balanced the horror, humour and emotion quite well. So happy to know there will be an epilogue.

Below are my thoughts as I read:

Hahah loved the spellingg bee reference. Though that house would be too small for the typical guide dog, right?

My heart aches at Buzz's inability to forgive himself. I truly hope Despereaux's plan gives him the carthasis he needs.

I laughed out loud at Despereaux's indignant "really". Because of course he's the driver- why unnecessarily involve unknown quantities by hiring another person- and of course Shawn and Gus want Del Taco. *cackles *

The microwave is just above the disco ball!? Man Despereaux knows how to ride in style.

The note that the wax body was more or less anatomically correct made me raise my eyebrow.

Wow. What sick mind thought it would be appropriate to include a set up of how Abigail and Juliet almost died. I don't get how this was legal... wouldn't this involve life rights from the victims?

I totally get Buzz's reaction (but wincing over the fact he cracked ribs) and am grateful Despereaux is there to look out for all of them.

When Shawn put the heads in the bucket I was so ready for him to burn those suckers down. But it was hard to not shudder as he went to the vat to melt those heads.

So glad Gus is trained as a firefighter volunteer.

OH DAMN. The melted heads making the yin yang symbol?! CREEPY.

Awwww Buzz's childlike personality is so endearing (him commenting about the invisibility cloak line). I want to just hug him. He's such a giant teddy bear.

""Proud Mary, you're funny," Shawn sobbed, flinching when Gus's hand tried to rest on his shoulder. It jarred Gus to his core that Shawn hadn't seemed to see him coming."
Awwwww that part was so heartbreaking. A thousand hugs to Shawn with kids gloves on. And nice inclusion of his musical reference type joke.

Awww Despereaux got Gus the Grint Grunt a meet and greet! Does this mean he really is Statley?

Thank you for this awesome and thrilling tale.
4/9/2020 c9 FearlessShawn
Anxiously awaiting your next chapter of this wonderful story.
4/8/2020 c9 citylily
Shawn not remembering the doctor's visit was heartbreaking. I know too well that unsettling feeling and sense of loss of control from not being fully aware. Hope Shawn can be discharged soon.

I liked how you brought in Despereaux. Cute and amusing how Gus noticed glimpses of stolen art behind him. Looking forward to Despereaux's plan and seeing how it brings closure to Shawn and Buzz.

Very happy to hear that the story will end on a humorous note.

Hope you are staying safe and well.
3/19/2020 c8 FearlessShawn
This is a great story! You have done a fantastic job and I have really enjoyed reading this. I can't wait for you to post the next chapter. :D
3/13/2020 c8 citylily
Finally have a chance to leave a review. Excellent chapter as always. Am so relieved to hear Shawn and Buzz both pulled through their surgeries, though it's heartbreaking to see Buzz beat himself up over what he did under Yin's influence.

I love Chief Vick for all she did for Buzz, especially getting his parents access to him.

Things that amused me:
-Lunch Lady Doris HAH. Gus really is so good hear with the references.

-LOL at the dig Henry imagined Shawn saying "things tend to just leak out because..."

-The whole sternum bush conversation.

Shawn's thoughts when he first woke up made me so sad.

Aww Gus really looked out for his buddy! I agree Dove products are definitely drying! And honestly, any reference to Gus' lavender oil makes me smile. I love that moment in Black and Tan- "Belinda likes her men to shine!" rofl

Loved the imagery of the atrium, the sparrow and the moon. I could picture it clearly.

And oh my heart at Buzz refusing to talk and then requesting to be transferred to the jail ward.

I want to hug Lassie so much for refusing to take Buzz's badge and then reading Princess Bride to Shawn and Buzz.

Too cute of Jules feeding Shawn. Also, really nice that Francine was there. Thank you for this healing downtime. Please let the vultures aka reporters and IA be more gentle...
2/13/2020 c7 citylily
Ding dong Yin is dead, yes he is, totally dead! Ding dong Yin is finally deaaaaad!

Just needed that minor celebration, because I know the heartache is going to keep coming for our intrepid crew. I truly love your depiction of Gus. The way he figured out Shawn's clues- the bloody pineapple, the blacklight! So proud of him. And Crouton Buster is a great Gus nickname hahaha and the Princess Bride reference was a nice touch. And though I started thinking of bad-ass Gus in Tuesday the 17th (where he "beat [the Serial Killer] already") the reaction he had killing Yin here is much more realistic. I hope Lassiter continues to look out for him (loved that by the way) and stop him from doing anything stupid.

And seriously, serves Yin right for underestimating Gus.

Also, I am trying to remind myself that Jules was probably working on little sleep and food, because how was she not more suspicious of that janitor?

Hoping Buzz and Shawn pull through and that the inquiry into Yin's shooting doesn't drag out too long.

Thanks for the great part!
1/11/2020 c6 Guest
Wow, what a chapter! I love Gus so much here. It's always good to see him act confidently and I especially enjoy all the references and jokes he's making. Shawn would be so proud.

Great call back with Shawn writing R-L directions. Very cool how you wrote Shawn improvising out of this death trap. Though the crunchy ribs bit made me literally shudder.

Shawn thinking of the Count was an awesome touch. Could hear the Count's laughs after his gleeful counting hehehe

Thank you for giving hope that Buzz may make it out alive from this. When it seemed he was dead I was thinking I would not be able to forgive you for that. Definitely breathed in relief when Shawn felt a pulse.

It bears repeating: Poor Buzz! It's good he's coming back to his normal self. Good for him having the presence of mind to get Yin's phone. My heart aches for how much pain he's in (as well as Shawn)- when he was wheezing as he whispered to Shawn, and him in that drawer... *weeps *

And Shawn's markings on the drawer? BRAVO. That's like Arrested Development joke worthy.

Please let the showdown be next chapter. Am on pins and needles waiting for Yin to be taken down for good. Also, any further chewing out of the incredibly incompetent LAPD would be much appreciated.
1/13/2020 c6 citylily
Not entirely sure what happened to my post... but going to try and recreate it to the best of my memory:

Wow, what a chapter! It was terrifying, heart wrenching and suspenseful.

I love Gus here. Seeing him act confidently is always great, and I love him making references and jokes- Shawn would be so proud. Now he beat the serial killer in Tuesday the 17th- perhaps he can beat Yin here too? Because it feels next chapter is going to be the major showdown and I'm so ready for Yin to get what he deserves!

Shawn is amazing- his level of endurance and resourcefulness leaves me in awe. I liked how you had him hearing Henry's voice and how that urged him to push through his excruciating pain to send a message and hide Buzz and himself. I loved the callback with the R-L directions. I also especially loved the bit of Shawn hearing the Count's laughter as he counted (I totally did too). The marks Shawn made on the drawers was a cool idea- I just hope it's not Yin who spies them first. Also, the BS bit was Arrested Development level worthy humor!

And Buzz... poor, sweet Buzz. I'm glad he's finally returning to his senses and former self. But oh the pain he's in- *weeps * The feeling of dejection when Shawn knocked his hand away the first time, the way he wheezed as he tried to whisper to Shawn about the phone and then in the drawer... gahhhh. The moment where we thought he was dead made me think I would not be able to forgive you. I was relieved when Shawn felt a pulse from him.

I'm guessing Yin stepped out so he could disable the elevator? Hope Henry and Lassie manage to work around that obstacle. Oh and if you want to throw in some lines about the incredibly incompetent LAPD officers getting chewed out even more, I wouldn't mind at all. I almost wonder if any of them were paid off/manipulated to helping Yin... :/

Am on pins and needles waiting for the next chapter!
11/29/2019 c5 citylily
No Buzz!

So i loved the humour from Gus in the beginning his joke to Lassie about waxing his sternum bush was good and made me think of gow Shawn praised his use of props to help him the first time around with Yang. I also loved the Tetris line.

I must commend you on all the research you must have done for Shawn's treatment . Am glad his sight will come back, but sill so terrifying. His ophthalmologist seems like a great guy.

My heart aches for Buzz and his parents. Seriously WTH to those LAPD officers. How could they let Buzz be absconded so easily.

The discovery of the symbol on Shawn was chilling.

Come back soon (and please keep Buzz alive?)
11/4/2019 c4 Guest
I’m crying this is beautiful! I love your writing. My poor characters
11/3/2019 c4 Guest
I almost forgot about the crazy drug episode. I love that you show pieces from the show and use it as main plot points. Amazing detail
11/3/2019 c4 Guest
Shawn! Oh I hope he’s okay
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