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for the cat returns

3/10/2020 c1 Guest
Wow. This was fantastic. Please return to these characters. PLEASE DO MORE. This was better than the spiderman novel, the darkest hour. I am speechless. I really felt for this dialog, so natural. Including gestures and expression enhances the scene greatly. If I wasn't at work right now i would go on and on. PLEASE DO MORE SPIDEYCAT!
9/14/2019 c1 5RushiAei
This was so good! It flowed very smoothly and the wording was so nice! I've never read a Spiderman fanfic before this (I know, I know) but it was easy to understand what was going on between Peter and Felicia and the implications of their possible history was also easy to develop based on what you gave in this story. Very sweet and heartfelt, and I loved the ending :)
8/22/2019 c1 17Pixie07
This was very well written. I don't read too much Marvel fics to know how much Spiderman x Black Cat stories are, but my first thought was that there's mostly to be Spiderman x MJ, so it's interesting to me to see this pairing, I loved the approach to took.
7/23/2019 c1 15naash
This story is so well-written. I love the banter between the characters and the fact that they have a 'pull' towards each other.

There was a sense of solitude from Spiderman but felicia knows how to tug at his heart and fill it. But she's careful not to fill it to the brim, if you can understand my analogy. Felicia is right for him as she understands his needs as she also has 'two lives and two faces'. something a 'normal-er' person won't understand.

thank you for this story

7/20/2019 c1 187YenGirl
I enjoyed seeing Spiderman Far From Home so I hope you'll excuse me if I'm imagining all this with Tom Holland's cute face :)

First off, the mum in me is telling him that a body can't function without sleep and he's going without it for so long! So yes, good decision right there.

Second, ah, seems like he let the cat get away. Or the cat ran away by herself. Which is too bad because she sounds like a nice girl. Not a goody-goody but nice. Luckily she's back and since MJ isn't around, I hope she'll stay.

This made me smile, so good job!
7/17/2019 c1 29fanofthisfiction
This story sheds light on a lovely make up meet for Spiderman and the Black Cat. I really enjoyed how the reader is slowly introduced to Spiderman's situation. At first it looks like it's Black Cat's behavior that sparked the sudden leave and hurt, so it was a nice surprise all that was turned around with the simple matter of their short but telling conversation and an interjection of Peter's inner thought.

I also adored the trust and warmth that's shared at the end. I really got a feeling this time around it's wasn't purely the physical they craved but a simple comfortable feeling of being cared for and loved.

Thanks so much for sharing this story and for participating in the 2019 Show Me the Love Proposals Challenge. It was a nice read. Happy reading, writing, and reviewing to you!
7/14/2019 c1 4MLLu
After watching Far from Home I was ready to read some Spidey Fanfic, especially one that had romance in it and for sure you delivered it brilliantly in this one-shot of your. I dig it. The relationship between Spider-man and the Black Cat is complicated and I the way you explored this was really good. I like the plot of having them talking. Honestly, it felt sincere. Thus you should be proud of this work.

All I can say is good job! :D

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