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11/29 c67 Nekojules
poor Blake. I think I woukd have fainted by now ( stopped working)

If she can survive this all, I bet she will turn out to a badass that can't be shocked by anything!

Like the one episode in Spongebob where the Flying Duchman (the ghost captain) stays with Spongebob and scares him everytime he can. But at the end Spongebob is *yawn* whatever ( /i/5vz091)(made you a meme :D)(if you can't view it or it doesn't show, PM me and we will find a way ;))
11/29 c67 JackTheSpades
Poor Blake, just can't catch a break. xD
Well honestly, learning it sooner rather than later is probably for the better because otherwise we might have to through some forced "keeping secrets from each other" routine...
Anyway, great chapter as always!
11/29 c67 3joecola00
Short chapter, but Blake putting 2 and 2 together and her reaction at the end were hilarious.
11/29 c67 3Sm0keyPanda
Poor Blake just can't catch a break, huh?
11/29 c67 Shadow Walker of Fire
Nice chapter. I'm betting Blake passed out.
11/29 c67 3Psiah
"Oh! You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there." :P
11/29 c67 Guest
I think Cinder intentions are bad, but her feelings and caring for Ruby are genuine.

Also, time to meet the parent, Blake!
11/29 c67 Guest
I think
11/29 c67 YuuKi D. Blazer
Poor Blakey, she's going to die from shock one day, looking forward to the next chapter!
11/29 c67 16Cun
NO! Cinder I dont TRUST you! Leave Rubys territory ALONE! Help her reap something instead!

Aaaaaaggghh I need to know what happens next!
11/29 c67 1Dragon Lord Draco
Aaaand there it is. Blake is probably not going to be happy with how it got revealed
11/29 c67 22Haley Earthstone
Poor Blake.

Lot of interesting turns here. It is definitely very intriguing that I still cannot tell if Cinder is benevolent or malicious.
11/15 c66 Nekojules
wow, the drain on Ruby's magic by her territory seems MASSIV!
If even Cardin can hurt her, than it shows how bad it is o_o
11/12 c66 5TM Calypso
There it is...there is the cliff hanger I have come to expect for this story, lol. I also didn't expect a new chapter so quickly. :P

So, Ruby potentially losing her magic? hmm, what if her magic was never really hers to begin with? What if Summer was never a reaper to begin with...and neither was Ruby? What if a reaper had messed with the whole family's memory...trying to fill a void of her own slain child...by taking hers? What if Cinder has done far more damage than we have potentially been shown?

These are the questions that came to my sleep deprived mind...pay no mind to these baseless ramblings...
11/11 c66 ndabdm
Is this Emerald doing something? What are they even doing here without Cinder helping guide them?
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