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for Harry Potter: Return of the Death Walker

5/17 c38 abe7
Please don't drop this story. Loved reading this(4th time).
5/13 c34 SacredKoopa
Now I've got my hopes up for Evangeline somehow ending up in the harem.
4/26 c38 Guest
I have greatly enjoyed your writing so far. You have an awesome ability to write within the world while making it your own. I do hope more of the story will be coming in the future.
Great character development, story concept, and writing. I could mention editing issues but you know already and honestly, it does not take away from the story.
4/24 c16 dkainallen
damn you made this story dark as fu. ck poor tracy truly i think ts time for harry to start theowing around his weght and restore the house back to how it should be
4/24 c4 dkainallen
Luna lovegood is best girl she's way better then ginny and Hermione
4/23 c3 dkainallen
shouldnt mind ats help with the memories
4/23 c2 dkainallen
deja vu crap is stupid all to hell aint shit change at all
4/23 c1 dkainallen
so the ritual has failed pretty uch and nothing changed at all wanted the death walker harry not the baby conan harry how disa
4/8 c38 3grovepjp
4/7 c29 Crag1991
Couldn't Harry just read Ginny's mind and see all of memories of them together? At least that way, he would have a form of his memory back from that time, even from a second point of view, it's better than nothing.
3/22 c38 Liamtheharrypotterfan
Noooooooo I’ve caught up! This is so so good! More more more!
3/20 c38 Shilmizta
This is a great story, plz give me more!
3/14 c11 1Johnmau
I was a bit peeved at Harry's situation with Hermione. I hate that, despite her faults and actions, he's so forgiving because of his memories of her potential. Now, because of his memories, he's going out of his way to start up a relationship with someone he's never seen nor met before! His views on the Hogwort's House system is cool, but it was a bit over dramatic how he verbally beat down Malfoy. It was cool, just a bit too much for me, i cringed. i love the interactions/dialogue, and the magic and potions. I'd love to see more of the business troupe and maybe some of that crafting/enchanting that was himted at, but im currently having trouble deciding whether to keep reading or just dropping this Fic. The Letter to Ginny is a bit too much for me, it just doesn't fit right with me, and it's something i can't ignore. I'll pick it up again later when I've had time to settle and process this... in my opion, stupid Letter. Til then, ill be wishing i had an unhealthy amount of alchol i can use to drink myself into forgetfulness.
3/9 c7 Guest
Ok so seven chapters in it's kinda off putting in some places. Anyway there's several things that's done it for me, the fact he's in the snake pit he's in enemy territory(said it when he got sorted) so hey is it he isn't using his passive mind reading, another thing is how the whole school turned against him an you have him setting there meh duh what's going on( really don't know about you but if i had a friend one i felt strongly about if they do a 180 passive mind reading it's magic for them to 180 ·ike that something has happened) sigh, what really really killed this for me was how you have harry knowing things the books don't or are outright wrong potions being the one he has more knowledge about all of a sudden cant answer a question he should know.
2/21 c18 AnimeGuy93
this fic has more plot holes than a 3rd country's road not to mention all the pointless crap MC does...i have still yet to see any kind of plot progression and the contradictions are becoming to numerous to overlook the only character presence i see is Harry/Hermione/the twins and nym everyone els is just minor interactions this fic reads more like a show with the only common trait of each episode is his obscuriel, harry is too focused of doing random crap then bothering to do anything to improve his situation with his house and problem with his magic and lets not forget the annoying chapter with the mirror that only and idiot would come to the conclusion that he came to about his feelings to Ginny and Hermione when anyone with hafl intelligence can see its the implanted memory's that has him feeling thing for them not his own interactions case and point being he hasn't had a single interaction with Ginny untill he set a letter to her and yet he had feelings for a person who he in fact doesn't know... dont get me wrong this fic is ok to read but their isn't anything holding the chapters together other then his 2 problems already mentioned above but ill continue reading because there's nothing else to read atm
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