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for Harry Potter: Return of the Death Walker

4/28 c1 brisinger 1991
A magnificent story I hope gets an update at some point.
4/28 c34 powerhouse17
I hope you are feeling better! I have really enjoyed your story
4/21 c34 Guest
Im glad your doing ok hope things get fixed soon
4/20 c34 smokeapound
4/20 c34 universeking0
nice to see your doing well
4/17 c8 Bluenait
for fucks sake why is he such a fucking pussy i thot he has his memories and such so why why is he still a little bitch and led the other treat him that way ?
4/12 c17 Quantum qwazi
free rape slitherin is the dumbest plot conienence ever added to fannon
4/11 c34 5hartman227
I hope you see improvement soon. I’ll be here waiting patiently for news and hopefully chapters. Good luck.
4/4 c34 nundude09
your awesome, I hope you feel better. I can't wait for an update!
4/4 c7 FledditFliveflind
What utter garbage. Yes, how very Slytherin of you, Harry, to be totally open and uncunning. Shit story already.
4/4 c33 TuxedoMac
So i finally make it to the end of whats here. i like it but I'm not sure there is even some things that you have laid out that i understand where its going and it makes me wonder if there is even something there. that is mostly the part about with gringarts. other then that i hope you are getting better.

4/4 c34 GreatEnder
Welcome back , happy that you are healing and getting out of the hospital. God bless .
3/30 c34 biob1
Take your time
3/30 c30 biob1
Great job
3/28 c4 True Hyper Sonic
Harry's memories are slowly restoring themselves, because of the return to the past, where he has stimuli that reawaken them. It's subconscious, so he hasn't fully realized it yet, but he'll eventually remember everything. This means that he's going to have a very interesting time in the past.
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