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for Harry Potter: Return of the Death Walker

5/7 c2 davidiscoolya113
Youth when you're a baby you are malleable metal you you are endless possibilities you are singularity between all those possibilities when death and fate or screwing around with Harry's life trying to make the perfect weapon well disposable Weapon at least That became his core character if death wants him to be a person and that's the equivalent of people trying to make people using alchemy you get humunculus abbreviations abominations monsters you can't make people without first grading a soul and you can't make a soul unless you have chaotic Big bang energy from the source then you need to create subsystems on subsystems of substances upon subsystems upon subsystems upon subsystems upon subsystems inside the soul the soil becomes the strongest thing in the universe and also the most delicate clockwork in the universe then all that's left is to put it in a newborn body or something take care of it until it's old enough and then release it on the world with it's counterpart you do this process in multiple areas of the world so you have a variety and diversity. Fate and death got screwed over because Harry Potter in the end is just apathetic in everything and in every category in every thing he does apathy you see the definition of a dictionary that God created and right next to the word apathy in the definition is a picture of Harry Potter cuz Harry Potter became the concept of apathy and death life and fate are bored for all eternity unable to cure their boredom because they can't watch anything else beside Harry Potter they expected Harry Potter to go on an endless adventure but that's what happens when you get a soldier the experienced the horrors of war they no longer want to do anything just because his body is eternal doesn't mean his soul is capable of eternally handling stress pressure and disappointment loneliness and death betrayal and suffering fate destiny Life death does not get that in their dumb f****** heads Harry Potter just no longer cares everything could just fade away into the void for all he cares and he'll reinforce it something the gods are stuck in their void for all attorney you can't escape just so he'll leave him alone.
5/6 c34 Shadow Crimson KyuubiAcnoligia
Can't wait till next chapter great story
4/28 c1 brisinger 1991
A magnificent story I hope gets an update at some point.
4/28 c34 powerhouse17
I hope you are feeling better! I have really enjoyed your story
4/21 c34 Guest
Im glad your doing ok hope things get fixed soon
4/20 c34 smokeapound
4/20 c34 universeking0
nice to see your doing well
4/17 c8 Bluenait
for fucks sake why is he such a fucking pussy i thot he has his memories and such so why why is he still a little bitch and led the other treat him that way ?
4/12 c17 Quantum qwazi
free rape slitherin is the dumbest plot conienence ever added to fannon
4/11 c34 5hartman227
I hope you see improvement soon. I’ll be here waiting patiently for news and hopefully chapters. Good luck.
4/4 c34 nundude09
your awesome, I hope you feel better. I can't wait for an update!
4/4 c7 FledditFliveflind
What utter garbage. Yes, how very Slytherin of you, Harry, to be totally open and uncunning. Shit story already.
4/4 c33 TuxedoMac
So i finally make it to the end of whats here. i like it but I'm not sure there is even some things that you have laid out that i understand where its going and it makes me wonder if there is even something there. that is mostly the part about with gringarts. other then that i hope you are getting better.

4/4 c34 GreatEnder
Welcome back , happy that you are healing and getting out of the hospital. God bless .
3/30 c34 biob1
Take your time
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