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for Harry Potter: Return of the Death Walker

3/30 c30 biob1
Great job
3/28 c4 True Hyper Sonic
Harry's memories are slowly restoring themselves, because of the return to the past, where he has stimuli that reawaken them. It's subconscious, so he hasn't fully realized it yet, but he'll eventually remember everything. This means that he's going to have a very interesting time in the past.
3/28 c34 DasChinButton
I wish you a speedy recovery. I just found this story and its one of the best I've read in a while. I hope to see it continued soon. Stay safe, healthy and I hope to see this through to the end.
3/28 c28 FantasticNovelLover
The real meaning of having those Vanishing Cabinets is sneaking out of Hogwarts without triggering anything.
The most important thing this means is not peace, quiet or privacy. The Room of Requirement can provide those.
No, the most important thing is, Harry can keep meeting with N. Tonks for their quality time. Now, he does not have to neglect his girlfriend just because he is in Hogwarts.
3/27 c1 biob1
Nice job
3/26 c34 1chaoswizard
Get well soon I need to read more of this story it's the best I have read on here
3/25 c34 babiloniaolimpo
We hope that you will recover soon and without difficulties. thanks for continuing the story.
3/24 c34 3hpreader1974
Oh my gosh, i did not know anything happened to you. It sounds like you are recovering well, but best wishes and a speedy recovery to you. I love the story that you are writing and wish to see it being completed. Keep up the work and God Bless.

3/24 c34 Guest
I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery.
I hope whatever ails you is soon to be nothing but a memory of bygone times to you and that you reach level of health and fitness of a quality that would eliminate any and all concerns or need to be concerned.
You have an amazing story that I am glad you aim to continue.
This said your health and happiness comes first and I’d like to think I’m hot the only one that would be happy enough just to know you are Alive and well
3/23 c34 1Slender25
I'm glad for your recovery but don't try too hard, your health is worth your story
3/23 c34 Book Nerd Tim
Wishing you well dude. Get better soon.
3/23 c34 Lesancapo
Thanks by the chapter
3/23 c29 Pegueng
Good one yet again. Although i did catch a little spelling that became quite funny: "Despite the prospect of a dairy..." Milk products going dangerous as of lately eh? Jokes aside, now it's getting interesting, i generally don't like HA-NNY stories but so far you have depicted in a good way, so "once more onto the breach my friend" hehe. Slaintë / Up the Irons
3/22 c24 ikusatsunagi
Best chapter by far. I love Harry/Tonks pairing
3/22 c34 hpharshit
Get Well Soon
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