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for Harry Potter: Return of the Death Walker

3/22 c34 fivedz
I hope all things are good dude.
3/22 c20 ikusatsunagi
Tonks to the harem 3
3/22 c34 WildOnionTops
Hooe you are doing well!
3/22 c34 Guest
3/22 c9 ikusatsunagi
I love Tonks xD
3/22 c34 Guachico
Hope you recover swiftly.
3/22 c6 ScientistXXXX
So far the episodes are cringy and childish where is mature and adult harry
3/22 c34 nad4.35
good to know Ur doing well.
till then Mon frere
3/22 c34 JD171999
I have wanted to continue your story for a long time but I did not know why you had not continued it, when I saw the message of Return of the Death Walker I was happy, I was surprised that it was not an episode, I sincerely hope you get better than whatever you have and I am anxious to read the next chapter.
3/22 c34 rescue 007
Get well soon bud. The story is great but your health takes priority
3/22 c34 im1
welcome back, glad to hear you are doing better
3/22 c2 2wsbenge
Surely, Vernon was immediately killed in panicking self defense.
3/22 c34 Theoddguy
Congrats on your recovery. And an even better grats for your GREAT hospital escape. I hate being in there. Take care of yourself, and hope you are doing much better now. (mushy stuff outta the way) Bring me the stories... ;P
3/22 c34 midnightscar17
Are you ok? can you pm me info of what happened if its ok with you?
3/22 c34 Flytype
Get better, that is all one could ask.
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