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6/5/2021 c45 EveLicht
pls update soon
5/4/2021 c45 PotterHermione
It's going good
Why stopped?
4/21/2021 c1 Guest
''Well it's better than being dead'' Umm no its not... being thrown into a backwards, racist world with a lot of threats worse than death (Cruciatused into a coma anyone) in a body that is already dying, to save a whole race of unintelligent, inbred hicks? And what is his reward? nothing, just another early death.
4/21/2021 c1 Guest
Wait... So FATE and DEATH have the power to pluck a dead person from another universe and stick him in HP universe... but they can't cure him of this new magical disease? and its not like its incurable... Fate just said he might find a cure... ''FATE'' said it. Wow idk f you made him dying to try to add drama to the story but it sucks. 2 All powerful beings ask him for help in saving another all powerful being and to do that they give him defective gear and certain death... very good bargain hey.. fucking retard author
4/1/2021 c41 2MongoStomp910
Not only has your story not diverted from canon at all, your OC hasn’t even been a part of it. He just hangs out with a few of the know characters while dating one of them (with a wildly creepy 12 yr old make out session to introduce that relationship).
4/1/2021 c18 MongoStomp910
They’re like 13 max right now dude. It’s the summer before their third year, immediately following year 2 actually, so realistically probably only twelve. Wtf.
11/16/2020 c1 Ashes2Dust18
I see that this story hasn't been updated in a few months. Shame, its really good!
9/21/2020 c45 amk41196
Really love the story.. Cant wait for more..
9/21/2020 c36 amk41196
I just hope Cedric doesn't feel to bad..
9/21/2020 c34 amk41196
Malfoy's a real brat isn't he...
9/21/2020 c30 amk41196
I'm glad Dumbledore has come to his senses and properly talked to David...
9/21/2020 c29 amk41196
So much to do indeed...
9/21/2020 c23 amk41196
Hoping David finds a cure...
8/3/2020 c39 Mimeomia
Focus on this pls:cc
7/25/2020 c45 1Oghenevwogaga
This is lovely. I really hope you continue.
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