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9/19 c50 Guest
Please update soon! :)
8/17 c50 georgiathornhill
I love it. Hope she does talk to Ange when she wakes up.
8/4 c1 Guest
Update please
6/10 c49 Guest
I think that Chloe should become more stressed etc about home life and work life. If you want this is could you revisit her self harm storyline and jac sees it in work? Just a suggestion x
6/10 c49 Coconut
Maybe Kizzy could struggle with coming to terms with everything that has happened with Pete and to try and cope she could end up having sex with a boy in her class and she ends up thinking she’s pregnant and panicking. But she turns out not to be after telling Ange.
6/9 c49 21Bonnie Sveen Fan
I think Chloe should celebrate a birthday. I like Chloe, she’s One of my favourites. Or maybe, we could see a few scenes of Kisaiya, Chloe and Dom all together? Please no pregnancy storylines.
5/15 c1 Guest
Sorry people are being mean I still love the story but update when you feel like itXx
5/17 c48 georgiathornhill
This is really good. Maybe Kisaiya starts having flashbacks when she sees him again and Ange has to help her in the courtroom.
5/13 c1 Guest
Will you just update the story ffs!
5/6 c1 Guest
I used to enjoy reading this story as you would update regularly but it’s boring now waiting for new chapters
4/26 c47 Guest
Thank you :))))
4/25 c1 Guest
Update please you have abandoned this story
4/16 c3 Guest
Still reading please carry it in!
4/16 c46 Guest
Still reading loving the story line please carry on! You have done some amazing writing on here on the past! And I will continue reading!
4/15 c46 Guest
Defo still reading this! Just a thought is it time for Kizzy to have a birthday? X
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