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for Passing of the Torch

12/6/2019 c6 Guest
Okay, I'll admit it. I didn't see that one coming, at all.
12/4/2019 c6 12Harry2
UH OH CHONGO! Voldemort is on the move! And this means a lot of trouble on the way.
11/11/2019 c5 Guest
Not bad! But, I gotta be honest. It seems more like your concentrating on "Mage: The Ascension" rather than the HP characters.
10/28/2019 c5 Louie Pastiche
"Get Smart?!"

10/27/2019 c5 Louie Pastiche
What else can I say except. . .I love bad-ass spycraft! :-)
8/9/2019 c1 Louie Pastiche
Sounds more like it's leading up to an episode or two from "The Prisoner (TOS)" and the BBC Avengers.
8/8/2019 c4 Harry2
I think we are starting to see the moves leading up to the time of the Call for the Immortals to see who will be the final one. Just who it will be, and how it fits into the Potter universe we will find out in time.
8/7/2019 c3 Carycomic
In a word? Yeah. Basically!
8/6/2019 c3 Guest
I just read all three chapters straight through. So, let me see if I've got this right. This is supposed to be, like, "Harry Potter meets The Wold Newton Universe?"
7/22/2019 c3 Louie Pastiche
Whoa! This is getting serious.

And, no, I don't mean Mr. Black.
7/17/2019 c2 Louie Pastiche
OK! My curiosity is officially piqued. And I especially loved the thinly-veiled double-Cumberbatch reference!

So, I'm definitely tuning in chapter 3. :-)
7/17/2019 c1 Louie Pastiche
"Waldo Newton?" LOL!

Good one. :-)
7/17/2019 c2 Harry2
Sounds like we have some serious headaches coming down the pipes!
7/17/2019 c1 Harry2
This story looks very interesting! I'm going to enjoy reading and reviewing it.

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