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for Master of Steel

1/25 c7 Guest
So cool that he now has an Onix, that should impress Ash and co.
1/25 c5 Guest
Are you going to gain a keystone and an agronnite in the future? Maybe a gardevoirite as well?
1/20 c3 moose3333
And there it is. “Pokemons” the most tilting word ever to be written in pokemon fanfics. Save me.
12/11/2021 c29 1Everpeach
Must be one hell of a situation. Hit me up on Shiro's discord if you're still working on this.
11/16/2021 c9 Revan Noct
Please no aura...
11/14/2021 c1 Revan Noct
Hmm, 90% sure the starter is an Aron (hah)...
11/3/2021 c29 Emyat
best of luck mate
I hope you're not dead
great fanfic
9/13/2021 c15 Diametrik
I honestly don't know why the main character is worried about this insane Butler guy and hoping for the best with him and Diane. If it were me I'd be reporting him to the authorities and suggesting to Diane to keep the hell away from him. It's not like he just messed up the wish, he also joined Magma, planned to massacre Magma (with a legendary pokemon, no less, which is going to do even more damage than he actually intends in collateral), and tortured a legendary pokemon to achieve his ends. And that's just from what I've read in this fanfic, considering I haven't watched the original film.
9/3/2021 c29 FaeGhostReader
I hope that someday this is continued
8/5/2021 c2 Guest
C'mon bro, how can you introduce a Ralts a single paragraph after your steel main? That totally undermines the singular uniqueness of a starter. Not to mention for a 'Master of Steel' this certainly doesn't start right.
6/10/2021 c2 Emyat
yesss I've always love ralts
it's my favorite.
I'm glad that you've included ralts.
4/26/2021 c29 Fanboy101
Please return author sensei
4/13/2021 c9 dloold87
It is Pokemon not Pokemons, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon. Please fix that, it jarringly drops the flow of the story.
3/20/2021 c1 Psychopath101
Please return soon
3/19/2021 c29 Fanboy101
Please return sensei
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