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for Jessie's New Profession

3/31/2020 c1 catspats31
While the writing quality of your story is good in terms of spelling and grammar, please note this part of the Content Guidelines:

"Please note FanFiction does not accept explicit content, Fiction Rating: MA, and the rating is only presented for reference."

Remove all detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature in this story if you want it to remain at this site, or upload it to a site where "Fiction MA" content is allowed like AdultFanfiction.
7/18/2019 c1 Guest
Could we see a dark pokemon story where Serena tries to stop lysandre from unleashing the ultimate weapon on kalos region but fails now she is a prisoner of team flare who are prepare show her the consequences of getting in team flare's way serena has a hourglass figure and dd-cup breasts, dianthia a supermodel figure and e-cup breasts, lysandre, Mable, celosia, and Bryony. Pretty dark story it would be awesome.
7/17/2019 c1 guest
hey thanks so much for making this story. jessie is so hot loved it your the best

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