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for Anne of Nowhere

6/20/2023 c1 The Lilac Tree
Beautifully captured. I suppose in her new life there is nothing to attract Gilbert, but I still hope she might. This is beautiful, I hope you cintinue
8/12/2021 c1 28Mauryn
This is so poignant and sad and beautiful and... Well, you get the idea.

And now you've left me forever wondering what happens to Anne of Nowhere. :) But I don't suppose you'll ever write more in this AU?

Thank you for posting this piece.
4/1/2021 c1 51A Talking Cat
I really would like to see this expanded. With an Anne-Gil HEA, of course! It could be really interesting.
5/1/2020 c1 148rebecca-in-blue
What a sad what-if take on Anne's life. I'm impressed by what how much of an emotional punch you pack into less than 500 words here. Of course she spots Gilbert in the group of students and feels "particularly drawn to" him, but I think more than anyone else (even Anne herself), Matthew and Marilla would've missed out on the most if she had never been sent to them. Wonderful work - I'll be sharing this at my forum.
7/24/2019 c1 10Excel Aunt
Oh, darling, this is not a story but a mere description of the story you really want to write for us, isn't it? ;)

Please, reconsider this premise, flesh out an outline, and plug this one out, it's a refreshing take on these well-loved characters.
7/19/2019 c1 Guest
Please continue this story!
7/19/2019 c1 Guest
this is so sad and so close to what could have happened to Anne if she hadn't gone to green gables. I'm going to pretend that Gil went to that event at the Gardners, met Anne and helped her get into Redmond or teachers college. And of course they lived happily ever after. :)
7/20/2019 c1 3Lavinia Maxwell
Please continue!
7/20/2019 c1 62TinaLouise88
I'm with Everyone else...this should not be a one-shot. This needs to be a full-length story with all the bells and whistles.

Anne alone in this is heartbreaking, the overwhelming sense of dreariness from her life as she looks at what her life could have been like in a parallel universe.

Though I would worry about Roy, trying to use the maid for his own persona; services...but hey another great story line where Gilbet could save her!
7/19/2019 c1 5McFishie 7759380
What a perfect start to a new take on anne and her destiny. Please do not leave it here. I want to know what Roy is like from a servants perspective, how Gilbert acts when he sees her and becomes confused by his attraction of a simple servant girl, how Phil reacts when she learns of Anne's quick with. ...oh please don't, leave this here
7/19/2019 c1 15MrsVonTrapp
I join the chorus of those who are commenting that this is not an end point, but a beginning one!

I am uncommonly drawn to this sort of scenario, whereby Anne is never adopted by the Cuthberts or comes to Avonlea ;) Infact, the original working title of The Land of Heart's Desire was Anne of Everywhere, and I see with your 'Anne of Nowhere' you are aiming for a similar feeling of isolation and displacement.

This scenario, for Anne, is so much worse, though - and yet, admittedly given her limited opportunities, even more realistic :( Like DearElla is doing with Gilbert of Avonlea, you have tapped into here - who is Anne if you take away all her chances for learning and advancement? And is it at all possible for many of the things that we love so about her, which are so tied to her literary sensibility and educational triumphs, to still exist within her?

Placing Anne in Kingsport is a cruelty beyond measure, and I feel the cut deeply, or even better, your "sting to burn through her chest." What really pains, however, is her sense of the divide between that circle of friends and herself - the idea "she would never be one of them." For the young canon Anne who only wanted to be loved and to belong, that is really heartbreaking. As is her soul-deep interest in that curly-haired, wide-grinning young man. She has never been further away from him, in every respect.

I really urge you to think about expanding this! Obviously you are having great fun over in 15th Anniversary-land, but I would love you to explore what you might still do with this very promising premise x
7/19/2019 c1 xevara
It's sad! But it also sounds intriguing if you want to continue it.
7/18/2019 c1 77kslchen
We often tend to forget that it was just a fluke of luck that changed Anne's life for the better and how easily it could have turned out very differently. Here, she still ends up in Kingsport, but in all the wrong ways. She's on the outside looking in and unfamiliar with all those people that in another universe would have been her friends. She seems to be doing as best she can given her lot in life, but there's a definite resignation to her that tells us about how hard the years have been on her. It makes sense, but it's sad to see. (And by the way, it says an awful lot about Roy that this version of Anne doesn't even show up on his radar!)
I second oz diva in saying that you could absolutely turn this into a longer story. It works on its own as well, providing us with a glimpse into another universe and leaving us to imagine the rest, but it would also work really well as the beginning to a longer piece.
7/18/2019 c1 14elizasky
No, no, you are terribly mistaken! This is not a completed one-shot: it is the seed of a most excellent AU! What a wonderful opportunity to see Anne in the life that circumstances might have led her to, and to see all our faves from that new perspective! If you were to expand this, it would be absolutely wonderful.

But as for a review of just this one-shot: it is so wistful and longing and sad. The life Anne might have had if Marilla and Matthew had sent her back - never having a childhood or an education or a chance - is bleak. Even bleaker when put up beside all those laughing, smiling people whose names you don't need to tell us because you've set it up so perfectly that we know exactly who they are. The "deviation" in her route provides her this little glimpse of what might have been (though she doesn't know that) and tugs at the heartstrings. Lovely job.
7/18/2019 c1 42oz diva
How sad. Leaving school at 10. Anne loves learning so that must have been torture for her. She sounds so miserable here.

You call it a one shot, but I think you could develop this further.

I laugh with glee every time I see a chapter from you, I love it.

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