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4/5 c14 11BrightBlueSkies
god, I love Delta POV. And the whole thing of him going to investigate the noise coming from the woods had me a bit spooked, which I think was what you were going for? Idk, but I appreciated it greatly, as well as the fact that it lead directly in a surprise flashback.

On the one hand, while I fully support standing your ground against Andrew Ryan, it is a very fast ticket to getting you a very long and painful death. I don't know if I'm proud of Delta for sticking up for himself or immeasurably disappointed that he poked an angry bear. The duality of man

AND OH DAMN its wayne again oh god things are going to get hairy soon like more than usual oh god oh no. He's a bit more humanized in this chapter, I can relate to sleeping in a car. That's about all I relate to when it comes to Wayne. Perhaps that's for the best.

And just to clarify, that was Fabron at the end there, right? The guy Wayne spotted by the fountain? I don't know who else it could be, and it would make sense it it is Fabron, but I don't recall him having green eyes? I'll reread the chapter just to make sure.
3/17 c13 Guest
Man this story is just. So good. So choice. Well written, perfectly characterized-the b plot is tense and the romance is budding.

What a time to be alive. You have my thanks
3/17 c5 Guest
YES ive had the idea of Sinclair replacing the pairbond for YEARS but never had the courage to do anything with it. Keeps Delta alive, and solved the issue of Sinclair being hypnotized against him (in game). Can't turn a bonded pair against itself, after all

Well done!
1/15 c13 BrightBlueSkies
(okay, now hold on a minute. I think you need to hear this because many authors forget it: You Are In No Way OBLIGATED To Write Stories. Never. Never ever. I may enjoy your work, as well as many others, but like you said, you started this For You. If it isn't working for you anymore, or if you need more time, or a long break, or Whatever it is you might need, do it! Your life is Yours. I, and many others, understand.)

*Sips content* these're some tasty gays ya got here
Just! Lookatit! He came out! ((Sorta?)) Good job anyway? Sinclair came out of the closet but Delta was already in there with him so,,,

Oh and okay, here comes Charles Porter, here to make breakfast, what a LAD. OK LISTEN, the topic of redemption in fiction is a topic I have researched thoroughly and have actually written a couple papers on for school. And you, dear author, have NAILED IT COMPLETELY. When concerning characters with a sketchy past the author usually has a few choices when trying to redeem said character. The most common choices are 1) Try to make the character sympathetic. 2) Try to make the character likeable. 3) Change nothing about the character and simply slap a sticker on them and call it fixed.

I have seen all three of these tropes in media plenty of times, and while 1 and 2 work in certain degrees, they still have issues. I think you've balanced it nicely here. I wouldn't call Sinclair sympathetic, like how Porter said, but he IS likeable. He's doing things right! He's trying, and we as the audience get to See that effort. And that's what's needed the most in redemption stories. For the redemption to feel earned, no matter how earned it really is, the character in question needs to work for it and the audience needs to see that work. It might not be much, it might not be enough, but it's enough for the readers and it's enough for me :)
1/15 c13 4satellitescales
Amazing, character-driven, vivid writing as usual! Also, take time for yourself! More time to produce a better quality piece of work for less stress is far more valuable than stressing and creating something rushed. I’m loving this fic but please take breaks and whatnot as you need. Also also, the paper swan scene with Odette was so cute I love this massive dysfunctional family so much
12/12/2020 c12 11BrightBlueSkies
*points at song lyrics* I KNOW THAT SONG

I kinda geeked out when I realized? My mom used to play it in the car all the time. (I got a slap in the face from the nostalgia fairy.)

Anyway, YES. FINALLY. Sinclair, I know you're somehow going to try to hide your emotions from Delta even though your thoughts are being broadcasted, but Delta will understand. (he's gay for you too~!)

Seriously though, this was a very good slow burn. I'm wasn't intentionally trying to compare you to others I swear, but you're honestly better then most other writers so I'm going to anyway! People see the words "slow burn" and don't do anything for the majority of the story and then slap on the romance at the last minute. And it's usually in a situation where slow burn is the opposite of a good thing, where having the characters in love from the beginning would boost the story as a whole.

this is better than that because there's a legitimate reason for them to be distant, and there's, y'know, actual romance. (not really romance- you know what I mean. They're more than friends,)

You do slow burn in a way you don't notice it's slow burn until everything's on fire, maybe literally in this case, and that's FANTASTIC
11/9/2020 c11 Anon
That’s the most saddest chapter i’ve ever read. And Delta’s memory of his first death was slightly different from the game. I liked it.

But it got me a little confused. Was an Alpha Series holding a dead little sister in Ryan Amusements? If so it must have caused him to go into psychosis.

And the comfort between Delta and Sinclair is so touching i loved it.
11/9/2020 c11 BrightBlueSkies
DELTA. Delta, stop being,,,, efregbrfewrgefeg YOUU

Okay, this was really fun to read. It's got some tasty angst, and then it has fluffy bits at the end. Amazing. AND HOLY SHIT, the beginning scene of Bioshock 2 is one of my favorite scenes... ever. It's such a good moment that nobody in-game talks about at all. Like, did neither Tenenbuam or Sinclair ever ask, "How did Delta die?", did Eleanor never mention it to Grace? Because that girl definitely had nightmares. Did Lamb REALLY never gloat about it? I appreciate the inclusion of this scene, especially Sinclair's reaction. (I also appreciate the snuggles at the end)

((also... Delta's subconscience VIBE CHECKED his boyfriend))
11/3/2020 c10 BrightBlueSkies
I'm late to commenting because I just got out of surgery (I'm fine, don't worry). It was a nice surprise to come home and find this waiting for me, and I know you didn't plan for that at all, but thank you. This chapter is the best part of a long day.

And okay, but like, fuck Stanley. Like bro, Delta saves you and THIS is how you repay him? You torture some old guy? The fuck?

Also really don't like Sinclair's ex. He's edging in on the fluff and healing my boys are doing rn. (Sinclair finally saying he's not doing well... ASDFGHGFDSDFGFDSF FINALLY!) And Eleanor! She's a sweetie I'm glad she's looking out for her dad(s). You wrote her very well I think, even if she's not the main focus. Other people have a habit of writing her weirdly mature, (which she is honestly), but she's also like,,, 15? 17? She's allowed to be hopeful and pout when she's told to stop calling Sinclair 'Mr.'

okay LISTEN. These flashbacks to Sinclair's time Before(tm) are really good. I especially like this chapter because it relays directly to what he's doing in the present. He didn't communicate in the past, and now he's taking the first step (a small one, but a step nonetheless) to actually talking. Amazing. good. I really like this story.
10/25/2020 c10 Anon
Poor Delta. And Poor, Poor Sinclair. Knowing the inner demons inside of Sinclair’s shows that he’s more than a cold blooded business man.

And Stanley. Jesus. Didn’t think he would go as far as torturing doctors. What’s he going to do with Delta and his family when that rat shows up in their front door?
9/23/2020 c9 BrightBlueSkies
HMMM Stanley? Friendo? Buddy? What the fuck? Do you think? You ar ?

okay but seriously, I was just thinking about this fic and then it updated and I squealed like a pig. And I know I shouldn't find this funny but Tenenbaum literally slaps Sinclair and says "you need therapy" and that's fantastic thank you.

BUT I'm not not liking where this B plot is going, and I mean that in the *best* way possible. You gave the main guys enough to deal with already and now you are making me scared for my boys. They need sleep and love and therapy they do not need HITMEN(and ex-boyfriends). I am far too invested in these idiots please spare me of the angst dear writer.
9/17/2020 c8 BrightBlueSkies
*points at beginning of chapter* WHOMST

(Ok I know I promised an essay, but I realized that my last review miiigghhhtt have been a little long. Just a bit. A tiny bit. Longer reviews are more, I don't know... common? on AO3. I've gotten used to dissecting and then gushing about stories. It's what I do! Anyway, I might have to hold off that paper until the end of this term, which if this chapter is any indication, might be farther off than I initially thought. Where am I going with this? I don't know)

And, ah yes, Delta. I love him so. He is very much entitled to feel the way he is, and I totally understand if he gives Sinclair the cold shoulder for a bit. Which I doubt he'll do. He's just too NICE. First thing he does when he wakes up after remembering the hell Sinclair's put him through? ASKS IF HE'S OKAY

Also *points at end of chapter* HIM?

((also also: Don't worry about the length too much or when you put out these chapters. Life's kinda crappy right now and sometimes you just gotta look out for yourself. I hope you are doing that to the best of your abilities))
8/24/2020 c7 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Whoa this was an amazing update mate! Keep up the good work and thanks for the chapter!
8/23/2020 c7 BrightBlueSkies
Imagine someone banging their fist onto the floor at 3 am. That is me. I did that. It woke up my dog and now my dog is barking at 3 am. Even my dog is freaking out about this.
OKAY SO FIRST OF ALL: That scene where Sinclair's freaking out 'cause he's both back in Rapture and there's a loud banging thing following him? Amazing. It was actually intense, something I feel is pretty hard to do in writing (but maybe that's just my experience speaking), and since this is clearly dreamland the banging could actually get him (it did, in the end).
(the part where Sinclair muses about """meeting""" people was only part of the reason I punched the floor. Another part of that reason was Delta's reaction. Also Sinclair calling Delta 'Del'.) (Also everything at the end.) (Also the part with past Sofia, that was a nice touch))
SO HMMM THAT ENDING BIT HUH YOU'RE REALLY TRYING TO MAKE ME CRY. Nobody in this fandom really considers the whole "delta was a circus animal for a bit" plot point all that much. For what reason I have no clue. It's fascinating? And tragic? It just goes to show how inhuman a lot of people were or became. It really is the cherry on top of it all. I really, really like this scene.
I also really like the part where Sinclair's binds fall away and all becomes quiet and he's just so sorry, and he knows he's never going to be redeemed, that there is truly nothing he can do to make things right, but he's forgiven anyway. And he knows he doesn't deserve that forgiveness, but it's not his choice to whether or not he receives it.
And Delta? Amazing. It kinda seems like even if he's forgiven Sinclair, he's still mad about things, if amalgam-daddy Delta was any indication. I would be too, like, "yeah I forgive you but what the fuck". (I also like the implication(?) that Delta was also running through his own memories like a chicken with his head cut off. He seems to have enough identity issues as is, but if he was catching glimpses of who he was before, or the process that made him into a big daddy, it's no wonder he freaked out. This is mostly speculation though.)
I've got a lot to say about this fic, and not enough mental capacity to write it all out atm, so expect a small essay when this story's over.
Also my dog is no longer barking don't worry about it.
8/15/2020 c4 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Glad to see that they have finally met up, but where is Jack in all of this? I was hopeful that he would play a part in this story but I guess he doesn't want anything to do with rapture anymore. God knows tat man needs a lot of therapy.
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