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1/8 c25 3dragun95
...celios is a yandere?
12/30/2023 c45 Whomie
I started reading this story years ago, found it again, and re-read it! I'm glad to have caught up; it's amazing. Also, don't worry about burning out; it's normal. Take however long you need, and if you ever decide that you don't want to write for that week/month/etc, it's fine! When you decide to write and re-discover your love for writing, we'll be here to read! Happy New Year 3
12/23/2023 c45 bluhair01
Great as always. But please, take care of yourself. Do your best, and get well.
11/22/2023 c29 EnWard117
11/8/2023 c45 Caleb
Can you please update your dragon maid fic
11/3/2023 c45 Guest
This was a good chapter thank you.
10/30/2023 c45 1hellion117
Pfft Dead man’s chest reference
10/27/2023 c45 Skywalker405
Don't be so hard on yourself is my only criticism.
Nobody is perfect, we hate what we did/do/will do. It's a part of ourselves. Just stay safe is enough for me.
10/26/2023 c45 scout424
I really like your writing, the cliffhanger at the end was great. Right as I finished it, this old song called quiet Little voices started playing on my Spotify, it gave the story an extra edge to it lol
10/26/2023 c45 leonardobluesummers
Write what you like my friend. The moment your hobby becomes a chore is the moment you should consider changing hobbies. Yes, you should always finish what you start, but you don't need so much detail every time. Use timeskips, write a big epilogue then explain the main points in some flashbacks. If you enjoy writing the lemons then write then, we will like then for sure. One or two final chapter closing the main plots, some lemons, and a happy ending is just fine for me.
10/25/2023 c45 6Blkdragon7
criticism? Nope! Absolutely fantastical chapter. A wonderful job and well worth the wait.
10/24/2023 c45 3DarkReader-14
good chapter and I totally understand your motivation problem. I have the same one.
10/24/2023 c45 17CelfwrDderwydd
This was a fantastic chapter, and was great to finally clear the cliffhanger that had been haunting us!

Loved the chapter, and the scene of EMA saving that elderly wolf was so sweet, and shows Jeremy and his friends' character. And I can clearly see why Shepherd hates that. By showing they are NOT the most advanced nation and all that, he threatens Shepherd's power and shakes the Mammals' faith that he tells the truth. Classic tyrant, really.
Also, I LOVED the bit with EMA telling the police Sergeant he has TPN-Genova 1, and laid out exactly how he is going to die and how long he has, all due to his zealotry and idiocy.

That was really clever, how Jeremy and his bunch hid and stayed while Donnie and the tigers went home. For what it's worth, they WERE right, and while good bodyguards, no match for armed military. Judy and Nick, on the other hand, will be.

So, now they need to begin their search for the signal.
If they are lucky, they can keep it a secret a few days more they are still there, and give them a head start. If they are already outside the city before Shepherd realizes they tricked him, will go better.
So, the human signal is coming from somewhere in the mountains. Likely another Eden facility buried under rock and maybe shifted by tectonic plates shifting. Could also be another kind of human base.
However, something tells me, word of Jeremy's kind act will get around, as all sentient peoples talk about such things. These whispers about the "Angel without Fur" may well bleed into the countryside, and if he helps again, they might not be inclined to help Shepherd's goons. They have an easy time in the city, but they can't have cameras everywhere in the countryside, and have much less help and support in rural areas. Jeremy might just find some extra help.

Also, would be fascinated to see what the land and forests are like. Maybe Jeremy looks at an old human map of Earth, sees where this would have been in his time Maybe have they see rivers, waterfalls, farms and things. Shows us a bit of the lands beyond Shepherd's cursed city.

Wonderful work, and please, DON'T fret and worry. I know how hard it can be to write, and how sometimes, when worried and stressed, it is very hard to get the writing mojo flowing.

Keep up the wonderful work, and don't stop being you!

PS: More mushy romance stories would be lovely! Go ahead and write some happy comfort stories to refuel yourself!
10/24/2023 c45 7The Chimeran Hybrid
If there's anything I've learned from writing, it's that forcing yourself to write doesn't work. Just leads to writers block, so, write whatever works, whenever it works. I will say that the occasional profile update to show you're still alive is nice though.
10/24/2023 c45 RedTec55
Don't worry, writing is hard.
And as long as you don't start writing like a second grader, I am absolutely down for it.
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