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6/3 c1 Shaedy Hoe
Cool story but my only criticism is... the dialogue.

Any time you change speakers, you should begin a new paragraph with an indent. If the speaker performs an action after speaking, you should keep that speaker’s action in the same paragraph. Then, move onto a new line in the next paragraph when someone else begins speaking. This helps the reader know who is speaking and who is performing the action.

Also, pretty sure that Earth tech is too backward to be able to hack the Omnitrix, no? So, did the Light use apokalips tech or...
5/30 c1 RodriSanjinez1
I love this fanfiiiiiiiiiiic
5/29 c8 Han-Daewi
Happy Birthday
5/29 c1 Han-Daewi
5/29 c16 maizen909
Oh God, this international interdimensionl rag tag is dynamic is hilarious. Love how overprotective Zee is there to protect her boy. The action and planning is top notch and fun. Thank you fot the great chapter
5/28 c15 cordariusbruce649
Omg bruh ship is killing me
5/25 c1 Shootingstarfortheages
Great story, though I wonder if it will shed about angst that (clone) Ben might have about possibly not fitting in n the universe where he came from.
5/19 c17 RiveraJ88
Great chapter can't wait for more
5/17 c17 magic.hunter1
Great chapter i hope you update soon
Wish you well
5/14 c17 1Anime Crossovers
Will you have Ben go back to the Team and the League after he proves his innocence. I know he forgives easily. However, I don't see him forgiving them for making such stupid mistakes that easily. Not to mention it's obvious Ben doesn't like the rules the League goes by, especially following Batman's orders. I would personally like to see Ben with more missions with Zatanna, like before. Maybe go on a few Young Justice missions for a team up or they beat the Young Justice group there. But for example to get back Red Tornado he would of course be a part of but also maybe to battle the Injustice League.

Anyway, love the chapter. It was really fun, and I wasn't expecting Lucifer to come in. Thank you for the new chapter.
5/12 c17 Maximum Rhapsody
I wonder what will happen to Ben and Zatanna from now on who are fugitives from the League, how Ben's now ex-teammates will react to knowing what has happened, so far they have not appeared in previous chapters.
5/11 c17 someone
The Lights' associate is most likely Albedo or as well Kevin Levin
5/11 c17 10PLPanda
oh well...

Lucy was bored and the detective is about to have to deal with Batman. Maybe she will arrest the league for kidnapping Ben?
5/11 c17 3ReaderWarrior
Don't know why, but I haven't been getting the update notifications for this Fic, sorry. But I'll be sure to keep myself up-to-date with my reviews from now on.

Chapter 17!

Loving to see the Justice League as the enemy in this, even better that they aren't being mind-controlled.

Huh, it seems you prefer the Captain Marvel name over Shazam. Old-fashioned, I like it.

'Clone cunt'. Don't know why, but that makes me chuckle.
Also, 'bat glare': hahahahahahaha.

I feel like I would have a lot more enjoyment for this if I ever watched Bad Boys. But since I haven't... You got this Bats!

Sorry, nuh-uh. Batman would cream this kid. And he's gone through a lot worse and didn't fall unconscious. However, I'll let it pass because we still have more action coming up.

A few errors in the Florida scene, but nothing too drastic. 'Skark king', Flash isn't capitalized, and I'm pretty sure it's King Shark, not Shark King.

I'm intrigued as to what the plan is. Obviously, there is more to it that meets the eye and I'm excited to see what happens.

Mission successful! Ditto and Ship rescued. Now we still have to get home. Crap, the Omnitrix is gonna need like an entire day to recharge from this.
Also, love that Ditto is basically the equivalent of Pinkie Pie in this story.

Wait, I realize that he's probably calculated that there would be enough time for him (and others) to run away, but did Ben really just turn Superman human (kinda) and then leave him next to a bomb!?
Oh, or did the self-destruct just destroy the remote-control module?

Atom didn't try to message Shazam immediately?

Dude, Billy, the fudge?! You have no reason to go back! YOU FOOL!

Oh, my GODS. Dude, yes. Love it. Lucifer Effing Morningstar. Be careful though, this Fic may start to feel bloated to other readers. If you keep adding more shows into this, there might be confusion down the road.

Yay! Ben's back to normal!

Aw, that's a sweet end to Deadshot's story (for now).

No! I'm just... sweating from my eyes!

Please tell me he's going to ask what Ben most desires...

Wait, a villain with aliens. Is Albedo going to be showing up!?

C-lister?! Listen here you ignorant little twat, the Riddler is fan-fudging-tastic!

Huh, I wonder what the Galvans are working on.

Personally, this chapter was a B for me. The Boys aren't something I'm really interested in, so I had no connection to it. Lucifer was fun, as always. However, there were grammatical mistakes as well as spelling and capitalization. Also, I would like to recommend not always writing your lines like: "speech", name - action. Try: Name, "speech." Action sometimes. It helps flow better when the three are shuffled about.
5/11 c17 24Rio Skyron
First the Boys then Lucifer... what's next Watch Dogs Legion? The Rookie? Assassin's Creed? Power Rangers?...
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