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for The Perfect Candidate

3/31 c1 4Twinsmom
This was a hoot! Loved seeing Esme as the bad “guy” for a change. Not a huge fan of Hasper/Bella. I like your Paul/Bella combos better but they were sweet and strong characters. Thanks for writing!
8/25/2020 c1 Guest
3/8/2020 c1 LadySixx
This was a really nice story thank you for the opportunity to read it
2/10/2020 c1 Charlie0925
Brilliant, brilliant writing here honey! I truly LOVED this fic! ;o)
1/2/2020 c1 tamwhit
wow go charlie

this story was awesome and really showed charlies bond with bella
7/31/2019 c1 8littlemichiru
Charlie for president!
I've missed your stories! This is a lovely one-shot with enough craziness and sweetness to get me through the new month!
I love how so many characters were included and how Jasper ended up with Bella!
Also it's nice seeing that both Alice and Edward were good kids and Esme was the only "evil" one.
7/24/2019 c1 Stephannie1014
Excellent story! I do miss your writing! Thank you!
7/25/2019 c1 10GaijinVamp
My daughter's PTA was run like a tiny feifdom and there was nothing the rest of us could against the ruling clique. It really happens!

Good short story! You always have a unique take on on the lives of our favorite characters, and unique plot twists too. Thank you
7/23/2019 c1 3stopthinking.justwrite
this was so cute! I loved it!
7/23/2019 c1 1sabrina michaels
Love what your did with allt he characters in this story..Especially Charlie, I agree he was the perfect candidate..and Esme was delusional and slightly nuts. good one shot.
7/22/2019 c1 brankel1
7/22/2019 c1 6otherworlder81
Oh that was fab... loved it
7/22/2019 c1 2akinomatis
This was great! A very new twist. I’m looking forward to seeing your next chapter or story.
7/21/2019 c1 8jennateetales
This was cute! I can so see Charlie winning that election and just going back home with a shrug. I love your stories!
7/21/2019 c1 Kyr
Thanks for sharing!
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