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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

9/28 c14 loki0191
This chapter was really interesting. Especially with that ominous ending. Excited to see more. You'd think getting Mu's ability would be a bonus.
9/22 c14 Machiavellius
Yo, this is fucking fantastic! I can't wait until the next installment!
9/21 c14 Pjo crossovers
Hope this’ll be continued, it’s fun.
9/17 c1 SadReview
BTW site is fucking bugged the long ass review from is written by me SadReview

dunno why my name didn't popup sigh... This review delay is annoying
9/16 c14 Anthony1967
Aiyyaaaa I just saw a new update but it's been a month, come back author your story is amazing!
9/12 c14 Seatrick
Brooooo stop playing with my heart
9/6 c14 Guest
Maybe he could turn that off and have a signature again

On the bright side tho

If he layers all his stealth skills assassinations, scouting and intelligence gathering (not the under cover kind) are gonna be freakin cakewalk

Also he just needs to make a small surf board to fly lol

Oooh or maybe he could make metal armor (like Gaara a invincible shield that acts as another layer of skin) that’s all connected and he could fly and boosts his defense and strength like having a symbiote
9/2 c14 Guest
Alright how to explain it... there is this obvious boring storytelling combined with lackluster filling words.

Here is how you write:

The Start. A pebble. A pebble is on the ground. The ground has the pebble on top of it. The pebble doesn't move when the wind blows. The wind blows through the ground. The pebble is not important at all. The End.

Basically this is what you write but you don't write like that. You use some confusing shit choice of words and it doesn't stick in head. It's like reading a bunch of gibberish. For example everytime I wrote pebble you would write some other tree stone view temperature or other unimportant shit when you see a fucking dirt road with some sticks in it.

Maybe you wanted to try to give the story a breather/a pause or something for the transition but this transition is so fucking jarring to read and process that you just automatically want to skip over those parts and only forcefully can you continue to read word for word on to not miss any detail you want us to present. But then BAM... There is nothing important in it for the reader to find at the end of this transitions. It just a fucking filler to drive the wordcount up and also its hard to read and not relaxing at all. It's even more strenuous to read as some of the worst parts of the story.

Chuunin exam was lacklustre also 2nd part of it was so dumbly explained and solved, who the fk knows what you wanted to do.

Arena fight was just filler words of hand to hand combat and how the guys looked, honestly the only thing you can remember after reading it is how many bottles they had in the respirators. Dunno about that and why each one of them puked blood.

The fight with Nii was forced and timeskipped pretty shit why can't you time skip your dirt roads and pebbles instead.

Like, look that guy has a system and a map... Inbuilt. So you as the author came to us and started to describe what's on the fucking map. Are you fucking playing mmos where you go for the achievements of viewpoints? They are fucking boring to collect and do, and now you write them out loud for no reason into the story. If he would get stat points or items or some shit for that maybe it would make sense to write and read it but... fuck there is nothing.

Ok besides that, some comments already wrote its boring and mechanical.
I guess when the guy that focuses his time by choosing complex combination of words and how the wind bites your ass when you don't wear the right panties in the XY location, the characters suffer from neglect.

This story should be called I got "Ironsand in between my buttchecks everytime I travel - Gamer"

Ah also you do these weird-inputshitrighthere- thats looking strange and serves no purpose
9/3 c10 UmamiLantern
Chapter 10 error: Senzo, we are you ok?!"
8/30 c14 Guest
just finished every chapter you had for this. Man is it great! A lot of great story, character development, and gamer interface that isn't overpowered. The only thing it's missing, but is probably just yet to come, is more interaction with the main story of Naruto and how it's changed with Kioshi's interventions...

Keep up the good work!
8/25 c1 Heavenly-Cauldron
Uzumaki seems like the go to?
8/25 c14 Swaggerboy
8/25 c14 TysonG
Really great story so far. Can't wait for the next chapter
8/23 c14 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
8/21 c14 MattKennedy
Happy to see a new chapter of this! :) And what an interesting new 'ability' Kioshi has gained. Ikahima is delightful as well. Love his foretelling.
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