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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

3h c14 Lukoshi
Too bad this is seemingly discontinued. It was a really enjoyable read to this point. Hope for more!
7h c14 jingerr
hope this book makes a come back!
4/18 c1 jingerr
hey 2024 and im back into naruto ff
4/6 c14 lessiscute
I'm just here to say that this story is wonderful I haven't found such a good fic in a long time. I hope one day you'll continue it. I'd like to know how the future events of the canon would develop.
3/26 c14 1210justinp
meh, the last 2 chapters felt like reading a fever dream. It doesn't make any sense, and purely fanon.
2/8 c1 I Love My Shovel
hmm... hey dude everything ok? it's been sometime since you gave us a heads up, qre you ok? taking some time off. because I mean I really like this fic from time to tomi, I always vome back to read this again, because of how good it is so I would like to know if you still plan to write, or you gave up trying to finish
1/23 c14 dadg12346
Cool story last chapter was a bit wierd and hard to understand but good story nonetheless.
1/13 c10 St Pat
MC is Sus!
1/12 c8 St Pat
Cringe as hell!
12/6/2023 c5 Dissapointed
The author is a moron.

If you want to know why, read this chapter while using at least 1 brain cell. It is obvious the author did not use even that one to write it. It's just so freaking stupid.

The entrance exam had 'hard' mathematical questions for kids of this age that no civilian kid would be able to answer and that's just stupid because civilians must have a chance to be admitted for the village to get its cannon fodder.

Then we have an adult trying to prove his superiority to a kid... for whatever reason, acting like a Snape. Like hell? Even if you disliked a kid for his family, would you freaking try to tell a 5 yo kid that he is basically a traitor who will get his teammates killed? What is this instructor? Wtf? Not even Naruto got this kind of treatment. Do you know why? BECAUSE THE INSTRUCTORS WOULD HAVE GOTTEN FKIN FIRED! That's why.

No brain retardation, that.

There are other minor things but this was just a bad and a very stupid chapter.
8/27/2023 c9 Guest
I'm sick of the "oh I can't kill anyone" bullshit that people do in naruto fanfics... if you can do something like that in a world like naruto then don't become a fucking shinobi, you aren't naruto in the fact you can talk your way out of shit... ffs
8/12/2023 c14 5RT89
This is an interesting story, I hope you continue it.
8/10/2023 c6 RT89
Error, you had him enter the second dungeons before he had the required level. You have him level up to five after training in the second dungeons.
7/25/2023 c14 piquelmyuzk
It was a bad time to start reading this. Now I'm hella curious. I like the series. A bit heavy on exposition but the overall pace is ok.
7/21/2023 c10 Guest
This is sad. the MC is very inconsistent. He knows it's a game, he picked his powers and character and village yet he behaves like it's real life. he thinks like a child and then switches to thinking like an adult.

He knows everything about this world yet gets all suprised and dumb angry when things happen as supposed to.

He has no ambition, no drive until he meets a girl. and you guessed it, it is to protect her.

Now he simps so hard he tells her his secrets. I have zero respect for author that write simpy dumb Inconsistent characters like this.

such a waste of potential.
he didn't even care to protect his dad, or the lady that looks after her but some random woman he makes a vow.

The author is retarded.
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