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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

9/21 c13 moozga
Great story can't wait to read more!
9/7 c10 Guest
oh cry me a river
8/30 c8 jingerr
I know this would be too overpowered but technically all animals and humans have 4 grams of iron collectively in the body. couldn't he use that to sense animals and humans around him?...
8/29 c2 StoneTheLoner
I'm kind of judging your oc for picking a bloodline he won't be able to use. He might as well not have it given his circumstances. Like buying a sportscar just for the sake of owning a sportscar... One that you're almost never going to be able to drive. A sportscar that can also get you in trouble if you're ever seen driving it.

Of course that's not going to happen and for "Reasons" it'll all work out fine... but he doesn't know that. How could he? All he knows is he just picked the cool sounding bloodline and won't be able to use it in public, while also being super careful during those rare occasions where he can fight privately(Is anybody watching? Is he sure he can kill the guys? Does it leave behind evidence?).

Think about what that means for a moment... How many life and death fights he would have to assume he'd get into, and he picked a power he straight up won't be able to use often. It's so d*mb.
8/25 c13 10PsylentFox
I have to say that I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed this story! Honestly I'm just waiting on MC to grow up a few more years before offering Yugito his hand- she's a sweet little cinnamon roll and she deserves to be happy. I am kind of surprised that it seems like Yugito doesn't have as good a relationship with Matatabi as I thought she would- granted most of it is just fanon since we don't really see much of her in canon; with B's relationship with the Hachibi is really good, so it would stand to reason that Matatabi and Nii have a better relationship with a mediator and a friend.

Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
8/21 c1 Guest
I wonder why kusagakure or takigakure or any of the other minor villages other than amegakure are not present. Also aren't the hoshigake clan just as chakra endowed as the uzumaki clan?.
8/22 c13 3thepowerfullkira
why doesn't the mc just fly on a disk of metal like static shock or a iron sand cloud like garra?
8/20 c13 1Pk930
love your effort, very high quality story, possibly the most realistic one with a gamer OC
8/20 c13 Amun565
Thank you for the update! As always amazing chapter and lots of plot progression. I can't wait for more. any chance of a patron for earlier chapters?
8/18 c13 potatoguyonreddit
Really good fic, read it in a few days. Looking foward to reading the next chapter when it releases.
8/12 c12 PachaCr
An 8-year-old AMBU doesn't leave much to the imagination
8/2 c13 Tero5252
Absolutely love this story
7/26 c1 Noneofit
So far it’s ass and from your author’s note it’s gonna get worse so I’m stopping now.
7/23 c6 lastapril123
I easily sympathize for every mc I read, only few shitty one that can't portray how mc relationship with others. But this, scant interaction with the father, mc understanding of how his father mental health, mc inability to help his father and then suddenly he died. That really hit hard right in my hearth
7/22 c13 kuro yaksha
Great chapter and a great story finished it in 2 days loved it hope you update soon.
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