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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

12h c13 Sypho Dias
OC x Yugito pls! OTP! Hmm or maybe we'll get a curveball and it could turn out to be fem naruto? Still the teacher student relationship... delicious. Older woman too. Hope you update soon! Can't wait for the next chapter! And can we have some smut pls?
22h c13 exomatt
Keep it up! Thanks for the great story!
11/28 c5 Sypho Dias
He has a fucking hyperbolic time chamber through his dungeon and he doesn't use it?! WTF?!
11/28 c4 Sypho Dias
No auto loot function?
11/24 c13 zoomed
Great story so far, I love the idea of different magnetic sands that is used. Can’t wait for the next update
11/23 c13 1kyuubi7
This has been a really fun read so far and I'm really enjoying it. Go at your own pace, and thanks for writing this!
11/22 c8 kyuubi7
...removing the Shinobi system? Ew. Everything else is fantastic and top quality doe lol
11/18 c1 Merzah the Mystic
great story. still on graduation chapter
11/18 c1 Merzah the Mystic
it's specialize not specify
11/11 c1 Wittyartificer
I saw the “so there I was” after he got selected, and my first thought was “bbq sauce on my titties”
11/9 c13 BzerK Redd Hex
Hello just recently found your story here and I connot wait to see more keep up the good work!
10/24 c12 grjcapili2005
this is amazing please continue
10/23 c1 Raging Drake
This is new…he’s not reincarnating since he hasn’t died and only playing while in a coma. So he’s gonna treat it as a game and not his new reality since he hasn’t died.
10/15 c13 Guest
You don't understand, Kioshi may be a fictional character from a fanfiction of a fictional world, but I would literally die for him.
10/14 c13 Alzusand
Damn the story so far its great and super intresting. and it seems the story is entering the mid game.
sad that it hasnt updated yet but covid screwed up everyone I hope you find a job and stability it must be hard staying like that
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