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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

6/1 c13 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
6/1 c13 1Chillingbear
Wtf is that summon
6/1 c1 Bridd
Really dude, the whole you were just in a coma through it all is the worst ending for a reason, makes it all pointless, you just up and say it’s all a figment of a comatose brain to begin with from the start, are you nuts?
6/1 c13 entron
I hope your life gets better, my brain seems to be leading me to darker places everyday... I hope you find solace.
6/1 c13 Petrox
oh how much I missed it. We need more Yugito too
6/1 c13 KadeBear
Great chapter as always! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with your MC's summon. Hope real life gets better for you soon. Keep up the fantastic work!
6/1 c13 doug89
I hate Hate HATE when in universe characters can trump gamer powers.
6/1 c13 3coldblue2015
...So much happened...

Kioshui Shirasu gained the Akkorokamui from Japanese Folklore or Giant Octopus/Squid Contract...I assume, given that the Tentacle and Suckers attached to it. Interesting choice of summons that possible Killer B would have but does not...Can Kioshui learn Sage Mode through this Summons? It going to be interesting to read.

Will Kioshui gain a one or two more Animal Summons for Land and Air uses in Combat? Some "Naruto" Shinobi have MORE than one Animal Summons...

Anyway, it seems that Team 10 meets a official powerhouse of their Age group, with Kioshui announcing to them as Jonin. Not to mention Kioshui spoke Jinchuriki lore/secret information that made Asuma annoyed by S-Rank secrets spilled by a Foreign Shinobi, while his students get shell-shocked by the information and background of their Village Founders...

It seems that Kioshui talked with his fellow Shadow Clones on brainstorming session on Training, how to manage Akatsuki and dealing with potential issues that come there way...I cannot wait to read Kioshui grind his Earth/Doton Affinity up and then begin developing his Magnet Release/Jutsu's along the way!

I cannot to read the next chapter!

Stay healthy and stay safe!
6/1 c13 nirmtheworm14
You should make a Patreon! This story is very popular and I’m sure that there will be a few people willing to donate even if you’re not putting anything on the Patreon itself.

Of course it all depends if you’re comfortable with doing so or not, I get it if you don’t want to.
6/1 c13 AnimeA55Kicker
Alright, I'll bite. What manner of creature is that summon? Cause I am lost. This is way weirder than that one OC that got penguins.
6/1 c13 Doctor Dandy
I can't sympathize with his altruistic goal and I'll bet I'm not the only one who feels this way. I think it's poor characterization.
6/1 c13 Zahak
I just reread the fiction and boom new chapter. Truly a nice surprise.
6/1 c13 Chivdar
Keep up the story really like it a lot. Hopefully you find a real job soon. Stay safe 3
5/30 c12 Kla Zark
5/29 c12 Mastersgtjames
I feel like the MC has forgotten this is a game and he is in a Coma.
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