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for The Iron Gamer of Kumo

7/11/2021 c13 Guest
Next chapter when
7/13/2021 c13 juni.clon.ado
Chapter 13... and MC have 8 years pffffffffffff is this a story chinese?
7/7/2021 c1 Guest
to this idiot who left a stupid review - you learn READING FROM A BOOK same as books that have pictures and teach you the alphabet and what words mean. Idk where you came from your idiot and facepalming at the chapter but that’s how most parents teach their kids to read and comprehend - from BOOKS. That’s how I learned and probably how you learned too unless your parents had the time to point to everything and tell you what it is.

Anyways wonderful story thank you author san
7/7/2021 c13 TosinM
Hey, this story is awesome! Keep up the good work.

More importantly, sorry for everything you're going through. I really wish I could help. Life is tough, and it always throws shit at us. But eventually, we'll overcome. We always will. Don't give up, and I'm sure you'll find a decent job soon enough !
7/7/2021 c3 2Redentor
If you could see how hard I am facepalming right now, you'd be calling an ambulance for me. How exactly are you supposed to learn to read from a book, when you can fuckin' read the book on learning to read to begin with?!
7/4/2021 c13 Guest
Pls update :)
7/5/2021 c13 Imperial Guard 1337
You could make metal wings, burn the air underneath them like a fighter jet, create a cone of air around you to reduce air resistance , fly at mach 5 and give that bomb throwing maniac the middle finger!
Maybe a staff that transforms, something like avatar Aang has?
Like a metal Bo staff with hidden weapons in it!
7/3/2021 c13 Ricee
enjoying the story, don't get why the suna-sound invasion didn't happen tho, and would have enjoyed more interactions with rookie 9
7/3/2021 c13 yochan123
Please believe in yourself! I truly know your struggle…I lost literally every penny I had last year to a scam and had to crawl my way back on unemployment money…it was so so tough and I’m still looking for a job. But I believe in you!

Thank you so much for the wonderful story and chapter! This is truly my favorite Gamer fanfic and it’s so well written how he plans out the antagonists and somewhat how to deal with them and the endearing old man.
7/3/2021 c12 yochan123
Damn danzo and madara with their plans ugh but my boi is a jonin now! Woohoo! Yay

Thank you for the fabulous chapter. Man I felt so sad seeing all those kills. You can do it! (Also job seeker :))
7/2/2021 c11 yochan123
Thank you for the fights and the character development! Yataro is such a sad man

I hope real life will get better for you! It’s really tough - I know better than a lot of ppl - but it’ll get better for sure!
7/2/2021 c10 yochan123
I really really like how you wrote his bond with yugito
7/2/2021 c9 yochan123
Wow what a chapter! Man I sorta expected something like that from that ducker but also didn’t think he would do it thank god our MC has his gamer abilities and HP man
7/2/2021 c8 yochan123
Damn tadashi you judgement shit
7/2/2021 c7 yochan123
Wow it’s nice you made kumo’s graduation exam better than konoha’s shitshow like bruh not knowing tree / wall and water climbing before genin is stupid af
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